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Melissa Perkins

Tags: damaged hair , dry hair , hair care , hair damage , Hair Tips , healthy hair

6 Ways to Repair Hair Damage and Breakage

Damaged and broken hair? We can help! Here are 6 ways to repair damage and breakage.

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: bantu knots , braids , cornrows , Hair Tips , hairstyle trends , hairstyles , low bun , natural hair , pigtails , space buns , updo

How to Style Natural Hair

Natural hair is gorgeous, but styling it can feel challenging. Here are some awesome ideas for how to style your natural hair. 

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Hair Washing: 5 Tips from Professionals

Do you have dry, frizzy, oily, or easily-broken hair? The way you wash could be to blame. Here are 5 hair washing tips from professionals.

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: hair care , hair care tips , Hair Tips , healthy hair

Healthy Hair Checklist (7 Tips to Keep Hair Healthy)

Are your tresses looking a little lackluster? We can help! Here are 7 tips to keep hair healthy.

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