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Maarten Dickinson

Tags: Beautiful Reason Initiative , BRI Project , local-update , Red Yao , Social Mission

BRI Recap: All-Natural Longsheng Rice

The first year of our All-Natural Longsheng Rice project is complete! Here's a recap of how it worked and what we were able to achieve this year.

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: color treated hair , Hair Tips

6 Tips to Preserve Your Color-Treated Hair

Color-treated hair needs a little TLC to stay healthy and vibrant. Here are six tips to preserve your color-treated hair. 

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Melissa Perkins


8 Fall 2021 Hair Trends

There’s something energizing about the fall. It’s kind of exciting, isn’t it--watching the leaves change color, the air turn cooler, and seeing things like pumpkins, apples, corn stalks, and hay rides popping up everywhere. It’s only natural that you’d want to make a few changes yourself. So what should you do with your hair this fall? Here are eight of the most popular Fall 2021 hair trends.  Retro Hair Paying homage to Farah Fawcett is still in style, and bringing out your retro side is a perfect choice for fall. To get the style, you’ll need long layers paired with...

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Melissa Perkins

Tags: dry hair , frizzy hair , hair care , hair static , Hair Tips

What Causes Hair Static? (And What You Can Do About it)

Why is it that when the temperature drops, your hair rises--literally?! Let’s talk about what causes hair static and how you can avoid it this fall. 

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