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19 local jobs created through BRI projects (part-time & full-time)

BRI Goal 1 - Economic stability

Last year we placed most of our local efforts into finding ways to create economic stability for the Red Yao community. Despite extreme poverty not existing in the region, mountainous tribes like the Red Yao still are under serious economic pressures due to lack of opportunity combined with a changing social and economic environment.

Through the 2021 BRI initiatives the community saw an increase in local employment of 19 new jobs, of which 9 can be considered full-time and 10 part-time.

Here's the breakdown:

- BRI ornaments project: 7 Local Red Yao women found stable employment through this with an increase in monthly income by 30-50%. To read more about this project check out the project blog here.

- Local co-op managers: 2 villagers become full-time managers of the local co-op which handles the admin of the local products together with other BRI management related tasks.

- BRI all-natural rice: 10 local rice farmers enjoyed a 100% markup for growing all-natural Longsheng Rice, meaning a significant increase in their revenue generated through rice cultivation. As most of these farmers also rely on other means of income, we've categorized this as a 'part-time' job increase. To read more about this BRI please visit the project blog here.

This will be a key metric we'll be paying attention to and hope to see growing as our projects unfold. For other key metrics please check out our 2021 Community Impact Report (coming out soon!)

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