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All Natural, Longsheng Rice Shampoo Bars

Inspired by the Ancient Haircare Rituals of the Red Yao Tribe

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How Viori Gives Back to the Red Yao Culture

Viori was inspired by the beautiful women of the Red Yao. Sadly, their culture is in peril. Learn how Viori is giving back to the Red Yao culture.

How Conditioner Improves Hair Health Overall

Think it’s fine to skip your conditioner? Think again. Here’s how conditioner improves overall hair health.

Citrus, Vanilla, & Floral Aromas Enhance the Shampooing Experience

Shampooing your hair doesn’t have to be a chore. Viori’s solid shampoo bars are infused with citrus, vanilla, and floral aromas to enhance the shampooing experience. 


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