17982m2 of Longsheng soil made chemical FREE

17982m2 of Longsheng soil made chemical FREE

This impact measure is very dear to our hart as it brings us back to the founding of Viori. At Viori we take pride in being a company which produces 100% chemical free products; and with zero plastics used in any of our packaging.

To keep fulfilling that promise its important we work at the root level. Literately.

As Longsheng rice water is one of our core ingredients, we want to work together with the Longsheng rice farmers to make sure that their precious grain is grown in responsibly ways that respects our planet and benefiting instead of harming anybody who uses it.

Viori therefore worked together with the Longsheng farmers to grown all-natural ancient Longsheng rice, which resulted in 17982m2 of Longsheng rice terraces been made completely chemical FREE. This numbers is something we're proud of and hope to see growing every year!

There's a lot to be said about this project, so for the people interested make sure to read the project blog here!

Back in Longsheng for the Hanging Clothes festival.


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