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2x Increase in BRI: Red Yao Embroidery Program

Last year's embroidery program (2021) consisted of Viori and 7 Red Yao women setting up an embroidery program which aimed at providing the women with a stable salary and at the same time providing a select group of Viori's customers with a unique hand-made gift straight from the mountains of Longsheng. 

With the aunties experiencing their income increase substantially (some up to 50%), and our customers loving their gifts, we've decided not only to continue this project but expand it by having more Red Yao women join the embroidery coop. It's a joy to see the embroidery group be able to continue their tradition, and receive a healthy and fair return along the way.

To read the full background story on this project and any new developments as we enter the second year of this BRI. please visit the project blog here

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