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3 Mistakes You Might be Making When Washing Your Hair

We get it. You’ve been washing your hair for years, and you’re probably saying, “I think I know how to wash my hair by now!” But as the adage goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

Viori wouldn’t exist if the Red Yao hadn’t taught us there was a better way to care for our hair. Let’s look at a few mistakes you may be making and how to fix them.  



We’re all under pressure to go, go, go. But jumping in the shower and immediately washing your hair isn’t the best approach. You need to thoroughly soak your hair before you wash it.

Next time you wash, try letting the water run over your hair for at least a minute before you add shampoo. This step helps loosen up any residue on your hair that’s built up from the products you use. 

Think of it like washing the dishes. If you don’t let them soak, it’s much harder to get dried-on food off, right? The same goes for your hair. You’ll get much better results if you soak your hair before you wash it. 

Not Avoiding Sulfates

Sulfates are in most shampoos because they create a lot of lather. Unfortunately, they’re also drying and cause scalp irritation, particularly in people who already have skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. 

Sulfates strip away your natural oils and leave your hair damaged and prone to breaking. If your hair has already been stressed by coloring, heat, or perming, it’s even more important not to include sulfates in your hair routine. 

We never use sulfates in our bars. If you’re worried about having too much oil, try our Citrus Yao bar. The citrus cuts the amount of oil on your hair without stripping it of the protective coating it needs. 

Neglecting To Condition

Conditioner is so important, but many people skip it. Some think it weighs down their hair or makes it greasy. Others just think of it as optional and skip this step when they’re short on time. Don’t. 

When you use shampoo, it opens your hair cuticles in order to clean them. If you don’t use a conditioner, your cuticles stay open. That makes your hair prone to breakage and frizz. 

If you feel like your hair is too oily, don’t apply conditioner to your scalp. We all have oil glands that do a pretty good job of conditioning our hair at the roots. But it’s very important to condition the rest of your hair. 

Have you been making mistakes? Don’t worry. We all have. Now that you know better, make a change. Your hair will thank you!

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