Here are 5 signs your hair is craving a more natural solution.

5 Signs Your Hair Is Craving a More Natural Solution

Has your hair seemed a little off lately, but you can’t quite figure out why? It could be the ingredients in your hair products. So if you’re experiencing hair woes, it’s time to start listening to what your hair is telling you. Here are five signs your hair is craving a more natural solution.

You See Lots of Damage

If your hair looks fried, has tons of split ends, or is (gasp!) breaking, it could be suffering damage from the ingredients in your hair products. Coloring, perming, bleaching, and relaxing your hair are all notorious for damaging your locks. But less obvious things, like chemical fragrances, could also be to blame. 

So if you see lots of damage to your tresses, switching to natural products may help. Look for ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, and rice water that are nourishing to your hair. And steer clear of synthetic fragrances. 

Your Color Rapidly Fades

When you color your hair, the dye penetrates the hair shaft. But many shampoos contain powerful surfactants that pull the color right out of your hair. So if you’ve noticed that your color is fading faster than it should, it may be time to look for more natural products. Remember, the more often you color your hair, the more damaged it becomes, so it’s important that your color lasts as long as possible.

Look for natural shampoos with gentle ingredients that won’t strip your hair. Bamboo, aloe vera, rice water, and cocoa butter are all excellent choices. 

You Have Dandruff

If your head is feeling itchy and you have telltale dandruff flakes appearing, it’s a good sign that your hair is craving a more natural solution. Your current products may be too drying, or you might be reacting to ingredients that are irritating or cause too much buildup. 

Instead, try to find products with ingredients that are naturally moisturizing and soothing. For example, Viori bars include cocoa butter and shea butter to moisturize your hair, along with aloe vera and bamboo to reduce dandruff. 

Your Hair is Dull

Have your strands lost their sheen? That’s a sure sign your hair is craving a more natural solution. Dull hair frequently happens because of product buildup, so switching to natural products that won’t leave troublesome buildup behind may solve your problem. Seek out ingredients like rice bran oil and bamboo to make your hair shine.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you include plenty of beneficial foods in your diet, like beans, avocados, nuts, and sweet potatoes, to help your hair become healthier from within.

You Have a Grease Problem

Many shampoos contain cleansing ingredients that strip your hair of its natural oils. And if you have oily hair, that may sound like a dream come true. But in reality, your hair could be oily precisely because your shampoo is stripping your natural oils from your hair.

Your hair needs its natural oils for moisture and protection, so when you strip them away with shampoo, your body just makes more to compensate. Instead, opt for natural products that won’t strip your tresses. We recommend Citrus Yao to combat oily hair. 

Sometimes, fixing your hair woes feels impossible. But if you learn to recognize what your hair is telling you, you’ll be back on track in no time. 

If you notice any of the above signs that your hair is craving a more natural solution, it’s time to make a switch. Learn all about the most helpful natural hair product ingredients here.
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