5 Tips to Care for Dry Hair

5 Tips to Care for Dry Hair

Does it feel like no matter how often you condition your hair, it still stays dry, brittle, and prone to breakage or frizz? The struggle is real. 

Sometimes, it feels like your hair is unquenchable, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are five tips to care for dry hair. 

Protect Your Tresses

Heat is not your friend. When your hair is already dry, heat will make it worse, whether that heat comes from your hairdryer, styling tools, showers, or the sun. 

Try taking cooler showers and limit your time in the sun, which is best to do anyway because the sun also damages your skin. When you do use heat, make sure you apply a heat protectant first. 

Eat Healthy

Make sure you eat a healthy diet with plenty of vitamin A, vitamin B, biotin, and iron. Vitamin supplements can also help give hair the extra nutrients it needs. And for an added bonus, choose shampoo and conditioner that nourishes your hair. 

Wash Sparingly

If you have dry hair, washing too often will strip your natural oils and dry it out even more. Try going a few days between washes.

We know it’s possible to have oily roots yet still have dry hair. If that’s a problem you experience, we suggest trying our Citrus Yao shampoo and conditioner bars. They are formulated to help cut excess sebum from your roots without stripping your hair.

Dry Carefully

Hair that’s on the dry side tends to break more easily, so consider wrapping your hair instead of drying it with a hairdryer, rubbing it with a towel, or letting it air dry. The moisture will have a chance to soak into your hair instead of evaporating. 

If you sleep with wet hair, pay attention to your pillowcase. Some materials will absorb moisture from your hair. Try satin or silk instead. 

Look For Quenching Ingredients

Ingredients matter. We recommend staying away from harsh ingredients like sulfates and parabens. Instead, opt for natural ingredients that help your hair retain moisture. 

And no matter how tempting it might be to use products with silicone, know that the temporary shine you may get is just that--temporary-- and SO not worth the consequences. 

Silicone builds up on your hair shaft and actually prevents moisture from entering your hair. Plus, it leaves a dull residue that’s difficult to remove. 

Having dry hair doesn’t mean you’re doomed to live with frizzy, dull, brittle hair forever. You just need to find products that help your locks stay healthy and retain moisture. 

If you have dry hair, you might like our Hidden Waterfall shampoo and conditioner bars. They are formulated with nourishing ingredients designed to help moisturize and condition hair. 

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