Here are 5 tricks to boost volume.

5 Tricks to Boost Volume

You know your hair can have body. After all, it looked fabulous at the salon. But when you try to recreate the look at home, your style falls flat. So how can you get the gorgeous, bouncy locks you want without hiring a personal stylist to do your hair every day? Here are five tricks to boost volume.

Change Your Part

If you need an instant volume boost, changing your part is the fastest way to get it. When you always part your hair in the same place, your hair begins to lie flat against your head. So for an easy fix, change your part. Your hair will naturally lift at the root. 

And if you have a style that only works with your hair parted in the same place, try changing your part just long enough for it to dry in place when you get out of the shower. It’ll retain the volume when you flip your hair back to where it’s normally parted.

Don’t Weigh Down Your Hair

There can be a fine line between moisturizing and weighing down your hair. Hair oils are wonderful for adding moisture, but they can also weigh down your hair, leaving it flat. Be careful with styling products, too. Product buildup is a big culprit behind weighed-down hair.

So what’s the fix? Opt for a lightweight mousse and experiment to find a happy medium that holds your style without weighing down your hair. And if you already have too much product buildup, try an apple cider vinegar rinse. It’s great for cutting through product residue so your hair can get the lift it needs. 

Get a Haircut

Long hair naturally weighs more than short hair. So if you want a simple way to boost your volume, head to the salon for a new haircut. Going for a shorter style will instantly create more body. And even trimming off a few inches will make a difference.

Alternatively, try adding layers. They’ll give your hair a lift and increase its movement, which also adds to the appearance of volume. Combine layers with bangs for even more lift. 

Try Rollers

Yes, rollers may conjure up images of someone your grandmother’s age putting her hair into curlers before bed. But hey, your grandmother probably knew a thing or two about creating volume. Seriously, have you looked at those vintage styles? Women were using rollers to create volume long before heat tools were invented, and for a good reason–they work!

So give rollers a try. They’re an inexpensive and effective way to create volume. Plus, if you let your hair mostly dry before putting it in rollers, you won’t need to leave them in as long–a bonus if you’d rather not sleep in them. Just make sure your hair has completely dried before you take the rollers out. 

Turn to Dry Shampoo

You probably know that shampooing your hair too often can strip it of its protective oils. But if your hair is on the oily side, it may look flat and greasy after a day or two. So what can you do? Turn to dry shampoo!

Dry shampoo is perfect for soaking up excess oil and adding body and texture back to your mane. And don’t worry, that chalky white powder can be a thing of the past! Instead, give our Sunrise Mist dry shampoo a try. It’s lightweight, blends perfectly, and smells amazing, too. 

Voluminous locks aren’t out of reach. Just try these tricks to boost volume, and you’ll have beautiful, bouncy tresses in no time. 

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