Here are 5 ways to combat oily hair.

5 Ways to Combat Oily Hair

We all want beautiful, glossy hair. But sometimes, our bodies go a little overboard, and we end up with greasy hair instead. Fortunately, it can be fixed. Here are five ways to combat oily hair. 

Take a Break From Heat Tools

For many of us, blow drying and heat styling are staples in our hair care routines. And if you have oily hair, you may feel it’s even more necessary to style it. But all that heat is making your problem worse. 

In addition to damaging your hair, heat also dries it out. Then, your body produces more oil to compensate. So if you’re fighting oily hair, give your tresses a break and try these no-heat styles instead.

Keep Your Hands Off

Do you find yourself constantly fiddling with your hair? Brushing your bangs aside? Putting your hair up and down? It’s time to stop. 

When you run your hands through your hair, itch your scalp, or play with your style, the dirt and oil on your hands ends up on your hair. Plus, you also stimulate your scalp to produce even more oil, so do your best to keep your hands off your hair. 

Clean Your Brush

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget about cleaning your brush. That’s especially true if you tend to carry a brush with you and use it on the go. Before you know it, your brush has picked up tons of dirt, debris, oil, hair products, and dead skin cells.

And where does all that grime go? Right back on your hair. So if you’re fighting oily tresses, take the time to clean your brush more frequently. You may see a world of difference.

Use Gentle Products

Remember, oil is your body’s natural way of protecting your locks. So if you experience oily hair, it may be in response to the products you are using. It’s also a good idea to avoid ingredients like silicone that can build up on your hair and add to your grease problem. 

If you think you may be sensitive to ingredients in your products, you’ll need to figure out which one is the culprit. You can either try to eliminate all products and add them in one by one or if that’s too much, eliminate one at a time. Remember, it can take your hair a couple of weeks to adjust, so be patient.

Wash Less Often

We know, this one is soooo hard to do. Oily hair makes you feel dirty, it’s embarrassing, and you just want to wash all the grease away. But unfortunately, there’s no instant remedy for oily hair. And if you wash too frequently, you’re just perpetuating the cycle. That’s because shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils, so your body produces more in response.

Take a deep breath and focus on the long term. Aim for two to three washes per week, and always follow with conditioner. Once your hair achieves a healthy balance, you won’t notice so much oil.

We recommend using Citrus Yao for oily hair. The natural citrus oil it contains helps cut through excess oil on your hair without completely stripping your strands. And don’t worry, you don’t have to walk around with greasy hair while your mane adjusts. Between wash days, use a little dry shampoo.

Had trouble with dry shampoos in the past? Viori now carries our own Sunrise Mist Dry Shampoo! And like all Viori products, it’s formulated with all-natural, effective ingredients that are gentle on your hair. Still skeptical? Check out our reviews!

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