Try one of these 6 no-heat hairstyles.

6 No-Heat Hairstyles

It’s no secret that heat styling isn’t good for your hair. Everyone can benefit from taking a break from the heat, but it’s especially important to give your heat tools a rest if your hair is frizzy, damaged, or colored. But giving up heat doesn’t mean you need to give up your style. Here are six no-heat hairstyles you’ll love.


Braids are a classic no-heat style, and there are infinite possibilities. Try an elegant crown braid for a romantic night out. Embrace your inner hippie with loose fishbone braids. Or add a single small braid to accessorize your ponytail. French braids look professional for work, as do small braids pulled into a topknot. There are so many great braided styles to try, and as a bonus, you can take them out for perfect waves the next day. 


Buns are just as versatile as braids. You can choose a high, slicked-back look for work or throw your hair up in a messy bun when you want a no-frills style. Combining your bun with braids will give the stunning look you crave for date night or special events. Or add accessories like a scarf or flowers for a more playful look. 


Ponytails are another great option when you’re avoiding heat. You can choose a sleek style that exudes professionalism and confidence. Show your edgy side with a ribbon-laced ponytail. Rock a high wrapped ponytail for sophisticated flare. Or add clips, chains, headbands, or scrunchies that express your individuality. 


If you’re partial to beachy waves, you don’t have to forgo your style while avoiding heat. In addition to braiding your hair at night, you can create waves with curlers or even a headband. The important thing is to give your hair enough time to sit, which is why we recommend using these methods while you sleep. Not to mention it significantly cuts down on the time you’ll have to spend styling your hair in the morning. Bonus!

Half-Up Styles

Putting half your hair up is a great way to show your style while allowing some of your hair to rest. Simply clipping the front of your hair back in a barrette will give you a polished look for the day. Or get more creative with topknots, bows, and headpieces. Asymmetrical styles add glamour, while loose layers lend a carefree touch to your ‘do. 


Twists are a wonderful way to style your hair when you’re eschewing heat. French twists are a classic option that are as equally at home in the workplace as the club. For a more whimsical touch, try twisting and pinning sections of your hair to create a looser, more romantic style. Add flowers or pearls for a boho touch. 

Taking a break from heat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Give your hair a little TLC with hiatus from heat tools, and remember to nourish it with quality products like Viori’s shampoo and conditioner bars. Don’t forget to leave a review. We’d love photos!
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