Here are seven surprising hair facts.

7 Surprising Hair Facts

How well do you know hair? It’s time to find out! Here are eight surprising hair facts you may not have heard before. 

Your Hair Has Layers

Your hair is composed of three layers. The center is a soft, fragile core called the medulla. Next is the cortex, which is responsible for your hair’s elasticity and strength. And finally, the cuticle is the scaly outer layer that protects the interior structures.

Hair is Absorbent

Your hair absorbs what you put on it, which is why it’s so important to choose products carefully. Did you know that hair is so absorbent it’s even been used to help clean up oil spills? It’s true! And while that awesome power is great for absorbing moisture, nutrients, and your natural sebum, it can be problematic when it comes to harsh ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and formaldehyde. So next time you’re shopping for a new product, be sure to check out the ingredients first.

Haircuts Don’t Affect Growth

Many people believe that cutting their hair makes it grow faster. But that’s a myth. Growth comes from the hair follicles in your skin, not the ends of your hair, so getting a trim has no effect on how fast your hair grows. But trimming your hair may make it look fuller since you get rid of all the split ends.

Hair Growth Provides a Record

Since your hair grows at about ½ an inch every month, scientists can estimate when you were exposed to various substances based on where they appear along the hair shaft. That’s why hair can be used for drug testing and has even been used to help solve crimes!

You Have a Lot of Hair

While we may not be as furry as our animal companions, humans still have a lot of hair. In fact, people have an average of 120,000 hairs growing on their heads at any given time! That number varies by hair color, with blondes having the most hair (approximately 140,000) and redheads having the least (approximately 90,000). 

You Lose Hair Each Day

It’s totally natural to lose some of your hair every day. Most people shed up to 80 hairs each day. But if you are pregnant, your hormones cause you to stop losing hair, which is why pregnant women so often have enviable tresses! On the downside, once you give birth, your body plays catchup, and you may lose a lot of hair all at once. But don’t worry, that’s all normal, too!

You Can Change Your Hair’s Electrical Charge

OK, so you may know this one. After all, who didn’t rub their heads with a balloon to make their hair stand up when they were a kid? But did you know conditioner creates the opposite effect? When you use conditioner, your hair becomes positively charged, preventing individual strands from sticking together and creating tangles. With dry fall air just around the corner, that’s one fact you’ll definitely want to remember. Hidden Waterfall, anyone? 

Did we miss a surprising hair fact you think should be on this list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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