8 fall 2021 hair trends.

8 Fall 2021 Hair Trends

There’s something energizing about the fall. It’s kind of exciting, isn’t it--watching the leaves change color, the air turn cooler, and seeing things like pumpkins, apples, corn stalks, and hay rides popping up everywhere. It’s only natural that you’d want to make a few changes yourself. So what should you do with your hair this fall? Here are eight of the most popular Fall 2021 hair trends. 

Retro Hair

Paying homage to Farah Fawcett is still in style, and bringing out your retro side is a perfect choice for fall. To get the style, you’ll need long layers paired with curtain bangs that have enough length to reach behind your ears. Use a round brush or curlers to add extra volume. 

Feathered Layers

The 70s aren’t the only decade having a moment. The 90s are back, too. This fall, try pairing feathered locks with low-rise jeans. As a bonus, long feathered layers air dry well, so you can give your hair a break from heat styling. 


This fall is all about low-maintenance styles, and the shag is no exception. Shags give off a fun, edgy vibe but require very little styling. Add loose waves and curls if you want to kick it up a notch. 

Long and Luscious

Long locks are in this fall, so if you were able to give your hair a little extra TLC when public activities were limited, now is your time to shine. Wear your hair long and loose to put it in the spotlight. And keep it healthy by skipping the heat whenever possible.

Box Braids

In keeping with the long trend, box braids like those seen on Zoe Kravitz at the Met Gala are a great choice for fall. They’re low maintenance, last a long time, and provide lots of options for colors and styles. 

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are still in, for good reason. They frame your face and bring out your eyes, which is especially nice for those warmer fall days when you want to put the rest of your hair up. And they transition easily into some of the other more popular styles this fall, so if you want to make a change but aren’t sure you’re ready for a whole new ‘do, curtain bangs are a good place to start.


If you’ve gotten this far and are lamenting your lack of long locks, never fear, the bob is a classic style that is still on trend this fall. Whether you go for a 90s asymmetrical bob or curly bob with curly bangs, you’ll be ready to rock fall 2021 in style. 

Fall Colors

Getting a new cut isn’t your only option for being on trend this fall. A new color can also be a great choice. This year, nature-inspired colors like tan, red, orange, and brown are popular choices, so take some inspiration from the changing leaves and give yourself a fresh new fall color. 

Whatever new fall style you choose, remember to keep your hair healthy with nourishing products like Viori shampoo and conditioner bars. Don’t forget to leave a review and show us your new fall ‘do!

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