Go-to hairstyles for growing out your bangs

9 Go-to Hairstyles for Growing Out Your Bangs

Bangs are cute and fun, but what happens when you want a change? You enter the dreaded growing-out phase. Don’t worry; growing your bangs out doesn’t have to be awkward. Here are nine go-to hairstyles for growing out your bangs. 

Part Your Hair

This is a great time to grow out your bangs because curtain bangs are popular now. Simply part your hair in the center and transition to curtain bangs as your hair grows. You can also opt for a side part if you’d prefer to have side-swept bangs. Choosing a part now will allow you to trim your bangs as they grow to blend in with the hairstyle you ultimately want to achieve.


Braiding your hair allows your bangs to blend in. Try a dutch braid or crown braid that goes from one side of your head to the other, fully incorporating your bangs. You can also opt for a French braid, boxer braids or create a braid on each side that can be tucked behind your ears. 


When you start getting annoyed with your bangs and are tempted to cut them again, take a breath and grab a headband instead. You’ll be able to sweep your bangs out of your face and tuck them neatly under your headband. Choose a wide band if you find that you’re having trouble getting all the ends to stay down.

Embrace Layers

Once your bangs are a little longer, they can blend right in with a new hairstyle by using layers. Instead of looking awkward, your bangs become the shortest layer of a gorgeous new style. Awesome, right? 

Try a Half Knot

If your bangs can reach your cheekbones, you have enough length for a half knot. If you find that some of the ends hang out, pin them down with bobby pins and texture spray. 

Sleek Bun

Sleek hairstyles and growing out bangs may seem like opposites, but a slick-backed bun could be exactly what you need. Add oil or gel to your hair and pull it into a tight, sleek bun. Hairspray will hold any errant strands in place.


Have fun with your bangs. Try colorful barrettes or snap clips. The 90s are back in style, so pair them with a choker for a super cute look. Or mix things up by twisting your bangs before you clip them. 


Try adding curls or waves to your hair. Your bangs will blend in, and mismatched lengths will be disguised. Try a head full of smaller curls, or opt for larger waves and jeweled bobby pins for a stunning retro vibe. Alternatively, try an eye-catching pompadour to take maximum advantage of your volume and curls. 


Break out your red lipstick and try adding pin-up curls or victory rolls. Your bangs will be off your face, and you’ll be rocking an elegant new ‘do. 

Growing out your bangs doesn’t have to be a pain. Use this time to experiment with fun new hairstyles, and before you know it, that awkward growing-out phase will be over. 

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