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A Fresh Start: Viori's Back-to-School Gift to Longsheng's Children

As the new school year dawns, the laughter of children fills the air in Longsheng as they eagerly return to their classrooms. During the summer break, Viori took the opportunity to make their return even more special by sponsoring a delightful upgrade to the school's outdoor play area.

We wanted to ensure that the children had a fresh and safe surface to play on, so they could make the most of their time outdoors. Fun fact: we collaborated with the local embroidery team to incorporate beautiful Red Yao cultural patterns into the new design. This not only added a touch of heritage to the playground but also made it a unique and exciting place for the kids to enjoy.

The children's excitement was palpable as they explored the revitalized playground. Their smiles and laughter echoed the joy of rediscovering a familiar place with a brand new look. As neighboring children admired the area, our students couldn't help but feel an extra sense of pride in their school.

We couldn't be happier to contribute to the happiness and well-being of these young minds. Our wish for them is a year filled with joyful learning, exciting discoveries, and memorable moments. 

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