A Week Among Friends: Insights from Viori's Annual Surveys in the Red Yao Community

A Week Among Friends: Insights from Viori's Annual Surveys in the Red Yao Community

Mid January marked another journey back to Longsheng, back to the warmth of the Red Yao community we've come to know as friends. For the third consecutive year, we set out with a simple goal: to sit, to listen, and to learn.

Amidst the soft fall of snow, we gathered around crackling fires and shared meals with our Red Yao friends. It's in these moments, amidst the gentle glow of lantern light, that stories are shared and bonds are strengthened.

We heard tales of hardship and resilience, like that of a widow grappling with loss but finding hope in the promise of our Embroidery project. Her determination and courage reminded us of the strength woven into the fabric of this community.

But amidst the challenges, there were also moments of joy and gratitude. One such moment came from a local kindergarten teacher whose salary is made possible by our support. She shared with us how, without Viori's assistance, she would have been forced to leave her community and work in the city, away from her beloved students and family. Instead, she spoke of the joy of being able to continue teaching the next generation while staying close to home. Her gratitude was palpable, a reminder of the real impact our efforts have on individual lives.

As we sat and listened, the surveys revealed insights both humbling and enlightening. We heard about the challenges of organic farming education and the aspirations for sustainable tourism. Each response, each story, painted a picture of a community with dreams as vast as the mountains that surround them.

Looking forward, our commitment remains unwavering. We'll continue to stand beside our Red Yao friends, supporting their dreams and aspirations every step of the way.

The survey results are still being tallied, but we'll share them soon. In the meantime, we're grateful for the chance to be a part of this community, to share in their joys and their struggles, and to walk this journey together.


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