Viori shampoo bars delivered to your door

All-Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Delivered to Your Door

Receiving little surprises or much-anticipated orders in the mail is one of life’s simple pleasures.

From the ease of ordering to the gorgeous presentation to the divine scent of our bars, Viori makes having all-natural shampoo and conditioner delivered to your door a simple and joyful experience. 


A Unique Product

Viori is the only company to offer shampoo and conditioner made from the same Longsheng rice the Red Yao have used for centuries to give them their stunningly long, healthy, ageless hair. 

We developed our shampoo and conditioner bars under the tutelage of the Red Yao women. And we purchase our rice directly from Red Yao families who grow it in the Longsheng mountains, just as they have for centuries. 

You’ll receive an authentic, natural, effective, and unique product that you can’t find anywhere else. And it just shows up at your doorstep. Awesome!


We want everything about our product to be as beautiful as the Red Yao women themselves. Our bars come in beautiful (and environmentally-friendly) packaging, and the shampoo bars themselves have intricate designs. You’ll think they’re almost too pretty to use! Almost.

And because your beautiful bars should have equally beautiful (and effective!) storage to keep them in top condition, we also offer handcrafted bamboo holders. In addition to being super cute, they’re stackable, so they won’t take up too much space in your shower. 


We make it simple to order and receive your Viori bars. You can choose whether you’d like to make a one-time purchase or subscribe to make ordering even simpler! 

When you subscribe, you’ll receive a 20% discount, and you can choose whether you’d like to receive your bars every 30, 60, or 90 days. Plus, it’s a no-hassle process to change or cancel your subscription. (But why would you want to?)

Plus, we offer fast shipping. We do our best to get your bars shipped out 1-2 days after ordering. Customers in the U.S. generally receive them 3-5 days after shipping, while international customers usually get their bars 10-14 days after they ship. Best of all, shipping is free to the U.S. and Canada! 

Your Beautiful Reason

Not only are our shampoo and conditioner bars beautiful and effective, but they’re also products you can feel good about choosing. We treasure our relationship with the Red Yao and believe their culture is worth preserving. And we are making efforts to help.

We purchase our rice directly from Red Yao families at a 2X markup above their usual selling price. And we donate 5% of our profits directly to the Red Yao to help preserve the Longsheng mountains, create educational opportunities for their youth, and care for their elderly. 

One of the most important lessons the Red Yao taught us is that it’s possible to safely and naturally create highly effective cosmetics without destroying the earth. Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and they don’t contain sulfates or parabens. 

We source our ingredients sustainably, and we never use plastic packaging (Yuck!). You can rest assured that when you choose Viori, you’re making a choice that’s good for you, good for the Red Yao, and good for the earth and the animals we share it with. 

We hope you find your beautiful reason for choosing Viori. Have you tried our new unscented shampoo bar yet? We're only offering it for a limited time, so be sure to pick yours up today. 

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