Learn how broccoli seed oil is good for your hair.

Benefits Of Broccoli Seed Oil For Your Hair

So you’ve been checking out our ingredients (good for you!) and stumbled upon something that sounded a little weird. Broccoli seed oil. What?! So now, you’re probably wondering, first, how people even get oil from broccoli seeds. And second, why we’d put something that sounds like it should be used in a stir-fry in our shampoo and conditioner bars. Well, it turns out that broccoli seed oil is pretty amazing stuff. Here’s what broccoli seed oil is and how it benefits your hair. 

How Is Broccoli Seed Oil Made?

If you’ve ever planted broccoli seeds in your garden, you know how tiny they are and might be wondering how it’s even possible to extract oil from them. In fact, making broccoli seed oil requires a few steps. First, the seeds are sprouted, much like broccoli sprouts you find in the grocery store. After growing for several days, the seeds are harvested and cold-pressed. The oil extracted through this process is teeming with fatty acids and vitamins, and those compounds are what make broccoli seed oil so great for your hair.

Broccoli Seed Oil Is Moisturizing

You probably don’t associate broccoli with fat and oil, especially since we often eat it to be healthy or lose weight! But broccoli seed oil is rich in fatty acids that do an amazing job of moisturizing your hair. And broccoli seed oil is easily absorbed, so your hair stays hydrated, which is important because hydrated hair is less likely to break or become frizzy. 

It Staves Off Sun Damage

One compound in broccoli seed oil, called sulforaphane, has been found to help block UV damage and even help your body make protective enzymes that fight sun damage. Don’t toss your SPF spray, though! While broccoli seed oil is helpful in staving off sun damage, it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on. Consider it a bonus. 

Broccoli Seed Oil Fights Free Radicals

Broccoli seed oil contains Vitamin A, a retinol that fights free radicals and helps protect against aging. And unlike other forms of retinoids, it’s unlikely to cause skin irritation or sun sensitivity. Plus, research has found that oxidative stress plays a part in graying and hair loss, and retinol helps protect your hair from that oxidative stress. So including broccoli seed oil in your hair care routine just might keep your tresses looking younger and more vibrant! 

It Brings the Shine

We all want shiny hair, which is why so many people turn to products with silicone in them. And while silicone might give you that instantly shiny, smooth look you want, the effect is temporary. In the long term, silicone builds up on your hair, weighing it down and making it look dull. Worse, it prevents needed moisture from entering your hair shaft, leaving it prone to damage and breakage. Broccoli seed oil, on the other hand, gives you shiny hair while nourishing your locks. Pretty awesome, right? 

Broccoli isn’t just good to eat. The oil derived from its seeds works wonders on your hair, too. That’s why you’ll find it in every bar of Viori shampoo and conditioner. So pick your favorite scent, and give it a try! We’d love to know what you think. Leave us a review here.
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