Viori Floral Citrus Fragrance

Citrus, Vanilla, & Floral Aromas Enhance the Shampooing Experience

You probably have a list of things you want your shampoo to do. You want clean, healthy hair. (Duh!) Maybe you want to add volume or shine. And you probably want to be sure your shampoo doesn’t (gasp!) irritate your scalp, cause dandruff, or lead to frizzy hair. Fortunately, Viori checks all those boxes.

We can probably all agree that it doesn’t matter how good your shampoo smells if it doesn’t work. But what about the reverse? Have you ever tried a shampoo that worked pretty well but just smelled gross? Call us crazy, but we think shampoo should work and smell amazing. That’s why we add citrus, vanilla, and floral aromas to enhance the shampooing experience.


Imagine for a moment that it’s summer. You’re in Longsheng near the fruit stands where the Red Yao sell baskets full of fruit. The warm summer air is saturated with their delicious, citrusy scent.

Our Citrus Yao solid shampoo bars were created with exactly that experience in mind. You’ll be transported to the fresh citrus scent of summer every time you lather up.

Plus, citrus breaks down excess oil so your hair will look as fresh and clean as it smells. Are we the only ones craving a big, juicy orange right now?



If warm and sweet are more your style, Hidden Waterfall is for you. This musky, sweet, vanilla-scented solid shampoo bar is reminiscent of the amber aroma we experienced on the forest paths that lead to hidden Longsheng waterfalls.

From the moment you start to shampoo your hair, your shower will be filled with that same sweet vanilla musk scent.

And Hidden Waterfall is every bit as moisturizing as its name implies. Close your eyes, and it’ll be easy to imagine you’re in the sultry, amber-scented forests of Longsheng.



Is flower power your thing? We’ve got you covered. Terrace Garden has a natural, green, floral scent. This solid shampoo bar was inspired by the time we spent wandering the bamboo trails of the Longsheng mountains.

With scents like lilac, rose, lily of the valley, and carnation, you’ll feel like you’re in the terrace gardens of Longsheng, with the green smells of bamboo, leaves, and pears mixed in with the flowers. Take a deep breath in, and exhale all your worries away.


When we visited the Red Yao in their remote village, we were stunned by the natural beauty of the land and even more by the beauty of the Red Yao women. We developed our solid shampoo bars under their tutelage.

Our scents were chosen using effective, natural ingredients that reflect both the ancient recipes the Red Yao shared with us and the sensory experiences we had in the Longsheng Mountains. Shampooing your hair shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a rejuvenating experience.

When you choose Viori, you can feel good about the ingredients you’re using and the mission you’re supporting. Plus, your hair will smell amazing! Have you tried our solid shampoo bars? We love hearing from our customers.

Which scent is your favorite?

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