5 long-hair myths you shouldn’t believe.

Growing Your Hair? 5 Long-Hair Myths

Growing your hair? It’s natural to want results right away. And there’s so much advice out there, it can be hard to know what to believe. Everyone seems to have a tip. 

So how can you tell fact from fiction? We’re here to help. Here are five long-hair myths that won’t help you grow your hair. 

Cutting Your Hair Helps It Grow Faster

We’ve all heard it. You have to cut your hair to make it grow faster. But the truth is, hair grows from your scalp, so what you do to the ends isn’t going to influence its growth. 

That’s not to say you should forgo your trims, though. While cutting your hair won’t make it grow faster, it is still likely to help you achieve your long hair dreams. That’s because regular trims get rid of split ends and other damage, so your hair isn’t as likely to break. 

Getting Cuts During Certain Phases of the Moon Will Help Your Hair Grow

There are lots of cultural traditions related to hair growth, and there’s nothing wrong with following them. In fact, we think it’s pretty awesome to honor your culture! But when your goal is to grow your hair as quickly as possible, it’s also important to have realistic expectations.

In some areas, like Asia and Brazil, women are told to cut their hair during certain phases of the moon. And while there’s no harm in trying this one out, you shouldn’t expect it to work for the same reason as Myth #1–hair grows from your scalp, not your ends. So cutting it during any phase of the moon isn’t going to impact its growth. 

You Should Brush 100 Strokes a Day to Encourage Growth

This myth has been around for centuries, but it’s not going to help your hair grow. Although brushing can be helpful in distributing your natural oils, too much brushing can actually damage your hair. And the last thing you want when you’re growing your hair is to lose length through breakage.

Instead of going for 100 strokes, use a wide-toothed comb just long enough to detangle your hair. Follow up with a soft brush if you want to smooth your hair and add shine. 

Put Your Hair Down While You’re Sleeping For Faster Growth

There’s only so much gravity can do. Wearing your hair down while you sleep isn’t going to make your hair grow faster. But it could help or hinder your long-hair goals.

If you want to wear your hair up, that’s fine, but pay attention to how you put it up. A loose bun on top of your head works well, and braids can be wonderful for protecting your hair. But avoid tight styles and elastics that could cause breakage. 

If you want to wear your hair down, consider switching to satin pillowcases and sheets. They’re less likely to create the friction that leads to breakage. And that will ultimately help you achieve the long locks you’re going for. 

Dirty Hair Grows Faster

What? And gross. We’re not sure where this myth originated, but your family, friends, and coworkers will be thankful if you don’t follow it. Dirty hair does not grow faster. 

In fact, having dirty hair can clog your follicles and hamper hair growth. But that doesn’t mean you should go overboard with shampooing either. It’s best to go for a healthy medium. Shampooing every two to four days is ideal. 

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