Lighting Up the Paths: Viori’s Streetlight Initiative in Xiapu Village, Longsheng

Lighting Up the Paths: Viori’s Streetlight Initiative in Xiapu Village, Longsheng

Safety and community go hand in hand. Recently, we had the privilege of contributing to the safety and well-being of the villagers in Xiapu by sponsoring the installation of streetlights throughout the village.


The need for streetlights became evident after we conducted a survey among the villagers, which highlighted infrastructure improvements as a top priority. The mountainous terrain can be treacherous at night, particularly for the elderly who sometimes need to navigate these paths after attending banquets or visiting neighbors. The lack of visibility posed a significant risk, and it was clear that street lighting was essential.


After careful planning with the village heads, Viori took on the responsibility of purchasing the streetlights, while the villagers organized the installation. This project kicked off this week and will continue throughout the summer. By involving the villagers in the installation process, we ensured that our Beautiful Reason Initiative (BRI) funds were used effectively and that the community felt a sense of ownership and pride in the project.


The collaborative effort had incredible results, with villagers of all ages coming together to install the lights. This not only enhanced the safety of the village but also strengthened community bonds. It’s part of Viori’s approach to work as partners with the communities we support, rather than being seen as an endless source of charity.

The initial reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with many villagers praising the increased visibility and the quality of the streetlights. Although installing streetlights is typically the responsibility of local government, Viori is honored to contribute by adding lights to areas that were previously overlooked.


Some of these mountain roads lead to houses deep in the mountains, often falling outside the main village area that receives street lighting. By addressing these neglected paths, we aim to enhance safety and encourage more local development.



As we continue to assess the needs of the villagers, we will look for more opportunities to support and improve the community’s infrastructure. Most importantly, we will always work according to the needs and wishes of the local people.


Thank you for being part of this journey with us!

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