Learn how to blow dry your hair the right way.

The Right Way to Blow Dry Your Hair

We all know that heat is bad for hair, but let’s be real. Sometimes, you have to blow dry your hair. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help protect your mane and get the gorgeous results you want. Here’s the right way to blow dry your hair. 

Splurge on a Quality Blow Dryer

Even if you try not to blow dry your hair too often, it’s probably worth investing in a quality blow dryer. That’s because a good blow dryer does a better job of protecting your hair and requires less time to work. 

Look for a blow dryer that has multiple heat settings, including a cold shot. You may want to check out blow dryers that use ionic technology, too. And brush-dryer combos can be great if you have trouble coordinating a round brush and blow dryer at the same time. 

Dry With a Towel First

If you have a habit of pulling out your blow dryer as soon as you step out of the shower, it’s time to stop. Sopping wet hair takes forever to dry. And the longer you have to use your blow dryer, the more damage you’ll do to your tresses.

Instead, use a towel to dry until your hair is just damp. Microfiber works best since it will dry your hair without pulling and weighing down the strands. Once most of the water is out of your hair, move on to the blow dryer to finish the rest. 

Use a Heat Protectant

Make it a hard-and-fast rule to use a heat protectant spray every time you use heat tools, including your blow dryer. Choose one that’s made to be used on wet hair, and cover your strands from root to tip. 

Heat protectants work by creating a barrier to protect your hair from heat. And because they also seal in moisture, you’re less likely to damage your hair or have frizz when you’re done. 

Attach Your Diffuser

The attachments that came with your blow dryer aren’t just spare parts to throw in your junk drawer. It turns out that using your diffuser is pretty essential. It concentrates the heat on the section you’re working on, instead of blasting it all over. 

Using a diffuser is gentler on your hair than drying without it. Plus, it helps keep hair from frizzing and gives you the smooth finish you’re looking for. Make sure you use it every time.

Work in Sections

Separate your hair into sections. It may sound counterintuitive, but completely drying one section before moving on to the next helps dry your hair faster than moving the dryer over all your hair at once. 

If you want to use a round brush to help style your hair, roll one section at a time around it, and keep the dryer about two inches away from your hair. Lift the brush up to focus on your roots if you want to add volume.

Finish with a Cold Shot

Using the cold shot button on your dryer is an excellent way to set your hair. The shock of going from hot to cold air might not seem like the most comfortable idea, but it will help set your style. And isn’t dealing with a little cold air worth it to make sure all your hard work wasn’t in vain? 

Remember, although blow drying your hair gives impressive results, it’s best to do it sparingly. And don’t forget to keep your hair in top condition with your favorite Viori bars.

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