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Viori's Social Mission, Your Beautiful Reason

In 2016, droves of tourists trekked through the rainforest to the banks of a river in Longsheng where they watched the women of the Red Yao tribe wash their hair. 

Here’s what made that moment so special...

It was the first-ever Long Hair Festival, hosted by the women of the Red Yao tribe. 

Prior to 1987, the Red Yao women never allowed anyone but their immediate families to see their hair because it was so sacred to them. Now, they’re famous for their long, healthy hair, which often reaches their ankles.  

An Uncertain Future

Sadly, the Long Hair Festival was started as a response to harsh economic pressures facing the tribe. Yet, despite opening their village and performing for tourists, the income they receive has not been enough to lift them out of poverty. Many young people have left the village in search of work, and the culture and rituals of the Red Yao women face extinction within a generation. 

Our Mission

Our love for the Red Yao people was immediate. We feel privileged to have been welcomed so warmly as friends. The vibrant, resilient Red Yao women and their impossibly gorgeous hair are the inspiration for Viori. From the start, our mission has been to create highly effective, natural cosmetics that preserve the values and traditions of the Red Yao women. Our products are 100% vegan, sustainable, ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and pH balanced. They’re also free of sulfates and parabens.  

Your Beautiful Reason 

At Viori, your purchase is a beautiful one. And we mean ALL around. Not only do you get a premium product you’re sure to love (our hundreds of happy customers can’t be wrong!), you also get the satisfaction of knowing your purchase puts some good into the world. 

We work directly with two Red Yao families who have their own rice farms, and we have close relationships with other members of the tribe. The rice we use in our products is purchased directly from these families, and we pay an additional 2X markup to their normal price. 

At the end of the year, we calculate our profits and donate 5% back to the Red Yao via projects to (1) help improve educational opportunities for children living on the mountains, (2) clean up and preserve the mountains where the Red Yao live, and (3) help support their elderly. 

Meeting the Red Yao women was so inspiring that we created a business to help preserve their culture and bring their haircare traditions to women around the world. We hope our mission becomes your beautiful reason to choose Viori, and we’d love to hear how our products have helped you look and feel good while doing good. 

We are committed to helping the Red Yao tribe, who so generously shared the secret to their awe-inspiring hair with us.

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Viori Customer Support Team
Jun 21, 2021

Hi Susan! Thanks for your comment. Their hair is so healthy and beautiful that it does look unreal! However, it’s 100% real and natural. The Red Yao people believe that their long hair is their most prized possession. There are actually two (2) real-hair extensions (both the extensions are from themselves). The first extension is their hair that they cut when they are around 18-20 for the first time, the second extension is their hair that they collect as it falls out when they wash/comb their hair. Our CSR team has confirmed this with several Ayis in the area. Taking great care of and growing out their hair is a life long tradition in their tribe.

Regarding the eyebrows, there are a few factors to consider for this. 1: Eye brow hair grows differently than top-of-head hair. It’s follicle is thicker so losing a hair from natural hair fall or if the follicle is damaged from over plucking/brow hair removal can make a significant difference in appearance. 2: The majority of Asian people naturally have very thin, light colored eye brows. Any additional plucking/brow hair removal to the eye brows will essentially make them less noticeable. You will notice that the women pictured on our website have used some form of plucking/brow hair removal to shape their eyebrows and resulted in very thin brows. 3. The Red Yao also do not have a focused routine of using rice water on their eyebrows.

At this time, we do not offer sample sizes, unfortunately. However, this is something we can pass along to our product team to consider for the future!

We hope this helps answer your questions! 😊

Jun 17, 2021

Photos of tribe: I saw your online ads today, and am thinking about trying your products. But in looking at each of the women pictured, they all look like they’re wearing wigs rather than natural hair. Why does it not look like natural hair? Generally speaking, we all have hair that’s slightly different in color and texture. Yet in all the photos, the hair color and textures look identical, which doesn’t appear like natural hair. This is why it looks like all the women are wearing wigs. (I also notice that most have almost no eyebrows. Or what they do have doesn’t match the hair in their head.) I’d like to try your product and support the tribe, but want to feel more trusting of the photos used to promote the brand.

Could you please comment on the observations I’ve shared? Do you have any smaller sizes samples I could try, before purchasing a full-sized product?

Thank you,

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