Why Your Hair Deserves Vegan Ingredients

Why Your Hair Deserves Vegan Ingredients

You want your hair to be clean, healthy, and strong. So shouldn’t the products you put on your hair be the same? After all, you wouldn’t expect to be healthy and fit on a diet of processed foods or chemicals. So why don’t we have the same standards for our hair?

Sometimes, we think of our hair as separate from our bodies, dead even. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our hair is growing and porous. It absorbs what we put on it, and our scalp is impacted, too.

Have you ever really thought about how you nourish your hair? We have! And here’s why we think your hair deserves vegan ingredients. 

All Natural

The beauty industry today is full of unnatural and even scary ingredients. (Formaldehyde, anyone?) While those ingredients may add shelf-life or provide a quick (but short-lived) effect, they can also result in irritation, breakage, and even cancer. 

We’re guessing you’re probably hoping more for a vibrant, healthy head of hair than the pickled-frog-in-a-jar look. Get in the habit of reading the ingredients when you’re shopping. We recommend putting the formaldehyde and parabens right back on the shelf. 

Vegan ingredients, on the other hand, are all-natural, and the Red Yao showed us that they are also incredibly effective. That’s why you’ll find natural vegan ingredients, like Longsheng rice, bamboo, and cocoa butter in our shampoo and conditioner bars. 

Gentle For You And The Planet

The most important lesson the Red Yao taught us is that highly effective cosmetics can be made safely, naturally, and without destroying the earth. We took that lesson to heart and made it our mission.

The vegan ingredients we’ve chosen for our shampoo bars each have a purpose. They were selected to be both effective and gentle. We source our Longsheng rice directly from Red Yao families and ensure all our ingredients are sustainable for our planet. 

Easy On Your Conscience

In addition to not harming the environment, vegan ingredients also do no harm to the creatures who inhabit the earth with us. Crushed insects, ground hooves, and connective tissue? Not in our bars!

When you choose vegan ingredients, you can trust that no animals were harmed to create your shampoo and conditioner. Plus, you’ll probably feel more refreshed at the thought of washing your hair with rice water and shea butter than a slush of sinew, teeth, and snail mucus. Ew. 


While we all like to live up to our ideals, when it comes down to it, products have to work. And thankfully, vegan ingredients do! The Red Yao are living proof of that.

Hair is an integral part of their culture, and this tribe has been using vegan ingredients for centuries! The Red Yao culture ties long hair with longevity and prosperity, so you can imagine that using ingredients that keep their hair healthy and strong while encouraging growth is pretty important. 

And in fact, the Red Yao tribe holds the Guinness World Record for the “longest hair village!” With hair that often reaches their ankles and is only cut once in their lifetimes, you can bet the Red Yao know which ingredients work--and their family hair care recipes are all made from vegan ingredients. 

Are you ready to make the switch? We’d love for you to find your beautiful reason for choosing Viori.

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