Learn hair secrets your stylist won’t tell you.

5 Hair Secrets Your Stylist Won’t Tell You

Let’s be honest, stylists are kind of miracle workers, and we love them for it. But have you ever wondered if your stylist is keeping things from you? The answer is almost certainly yes. Here are five hair secrets your stylist won’t tell you. 

You Won’t Look Like a Celebrity When You’re Done

Don’t get us wrong; stylists work plenty of magic. But expecting your stylist to turn you into Taylor Swift’s twin is just not realistic. Each person’s hair, face, and skin tone is unique, so you won’t have the same results even if you have the same cut and color. 

Plus, celebrities have whole teams of stylists who make sure their hair looks perfect every time they step in front of an audience. So come in with realistic expectations, and you’ll leave much happier. 

It’s Best to Bring a Picture

Although your stylist probably can’t replicate a celebrity cut, bringing a picture of what you like is helpful. It gives your stylist an idea of the results you’re hoping for, and it opens a discussion about what will and won’t work for your hair. 

This is also true if you really loved the cut you got last time and want your hair cut the same way at your next appointment. Stylists see tons of clients over the weeks between appointments and probably don’t remember the details of every cut, so bring a photo to remind them.

Being Honest Is Crucial

Sometimes, people don’t want to offend their stylists, or they’re embarrassed to say they’ve used home products. So they just don’t tell their stylists about it, or they tell little white lies when directly asked. The problem with that is those little white lies turn out not to be so little when your stylist does a treatment you’ve asked for, and your hair (gasp!) melts off. 

Be honest if you’ve used products or had treatments your stylist doesn’t know about. They’d rather know and advise you against anything that won’t mix well with what you’ve already done than have you both horrified at the results. 

You Don’t Always Need the Products They Sell

Salons that sell hair products have a financial motivation to get you to buy them, even if it’s not what’s best for your hair. And that’s especially true if your stylist isn’t the owner. They’ll never say it, but there’s a lot of pressure going on behind the scenes to move those products. 

Don’t be afraid to say no to products you don’t want, especially if you find that they don’t work well for you. Many salon products are loaded with harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and silicones that aren’t great for long-term use. So don’t feel guilty if you choose to buy your products elsewhere. 

You Should Take Better Care of Your Hair

Not wanting to offend is a two-way street, so your stylist probably isn’t going to tell you that you’re stripping your hair, frying it in the sun, using too much product, or improperly shampooing and conditioning. But that doesn’t mean they won’t notice.

For the best results, don’t depend exclusively on your stylist’s talents. Take steps to protect your hair from UV rays, give your tresses a break between styling and washing, and always use conditioner. 

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