Which type of hair color is right for you?

5 Types of Hair Color (Which one is right for you?)

With so many different types of hair color, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. You may not know the difference between demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary hair color, for instance. If you need to brush up on your hair color terminology to help you choose your next look, this is the post for you. Here are 5 types of hair color and what you can expect when you use them. 


If you want color that lasts long-term, permanent hair color is the way to go. That’s because it penetrates your hair shaft, allowing the dye to change your hair color all the way through. Your hair will remain the color you dye it until you either cut it off or dye it a different color. 

You’ll need to periodically retouch permanent hair color because your natural roots will show as your hair grows. Permanent hair dye is also harsh on the hair because it uses ammonia and peroxide to strip your natural color. And some people also have allergic reactions to permanent hair color.


Demi-permanent hair dyes are gentler on your hair than permanent dyes because they do not use ammonia. They’re a good choice if you want long-lasting color but don’t want to put ammonia on your hair. 

Demi-permanent hair color lasts about three or four weeks. It’s great for getting rid of grays or dying your hair darker, but because it lacks ammonia, you will not be able to lighten your hair with demi-permanent hair color. 


Semi-permanent hair color cannot penetrate the hair shaft and only remains on the outside of your hair. Like demi-permanent hair color, semi-permanent dye cannot lighten your hair. And it will wash out after four to eight shampoos. 

However, because semi-permanent hair color is gentler on your hair, it works well if you already have damage, and it’s less likely than permanent or demi-permanent hair color to cause an allergic reaction. There are also natural options for semi-permanent hair color, like henna and indigo.


Temporary hair color is short-lived, often washing out after one shampoo. However, it can be an excellent choice for those who want to experiment with colors or like to change up their look. Temporary colors typically come in spray, foam, or gel form and offer a wide variety of colors, including unnatural shades and bright colors.

Temporary colors are a fun way to mix up your routine or add a pop of color for parties, clubs, dance nights, or costumes. And since they only sit on the outside of your hair, they’re less likely to cause damage than other types of hair color.


Gradual hair color changes your color over time instead of all at once. These colors use metals that build up on your hair over time. They aren’t likely to cause allergic reactions and are a good choice if you’d like to avoid the shock value of showing up with an entirely different color of hair.

Many people choose gradual hair colors to slowly change their hair from gray to brown or burgundy. Gradual hair color is not permanent, so you’ll need to continue applying the color at regular intervals. 

Regardless of the type of hair color you choose, you’ll need to give your hair some TLC so it stays healthy and vibrant. Viori’s shampoo and conditioner bars are always gentle on colored hair.  

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