Here are 8 of the best hair styles this spring.

8 of the Best Hairstyles This Spring

Spring is finally here, and it’s time for a new you! So if the warmer weather has you itching to try out a fresh new ‘do, we’ve got you covered. Here are eight of the best hairstyles this spring. 


Like the beautiful flying insects this style is named after, you can expect to see the butterfly cut everywhere this spring. This soft, airy style brings all the romance, blending short layers on top into longer layers on the bottom. Be prepared to maintain your style with rollers or a wide curling iron to create the bounce that makes this style work.

Jellyfish Bangs

Want a style that’s sure to stand out from the crowd? Try jellyfish bangs! This fun style gets its name from the tentacle-like look it creates. So if you want an out-of-the-ordinary style for spring, this is it! Just ask your stylist to cut a layer on each side of your face that ends at your cheekbone, and voilà, jellyfish bangs!

Short and Sweet Afro

Natural hair is having a moment, so a short and sweet Afro could be the perfect spring ‘do for you. A short Afro is super cute as-is, but it also gives you plenty of options for styling, too. Chic, edgy, or glamorous–this style does it all! Try asking for a one-inch length for easy maintenance. 


This spring, variations on the mullet are trending, including the skullet. This attention-grabbing style combines a mullet with a shag. And depending on how you style it, a skullet can be cute and sweet or distinctly edgy. Your choice. 

Long Shag

Prefer a longer style? Long shags are still on trend and make for a perfect spring cut. Plus, they’re great for giving texture to long, thick hair. And since shags create tons of volume and movement, they’re excellent if you want an effortlessly cool look this spring. 

Bobs, Bobs, and More Bobs

Bobs always seem to be in style, and this spring is no different. We’re seeing tons of bobs everywhere, so whether you choose a French bob, broken bob, chunky bob, or chin-length bob, you’re sure to be on-trend.  

Side Parts

If you bemoaned the declaration a few years ago that side parts were dead, we have some good news for you. Side parts are back in a big way. So if a side part is flattering for your face, embrace the trend! They work with all hair lengths, and plenty of models have been rocking side parts on the runway this spring. 

Lots of Ties

If you love hair accessories, you’ll love the trends this spring. It’s all about getting creative with lots of hair ties. So try low-braided pigtails, tie braids into artful loops, create a low, chic ponytail, or include lots of wraps–basically, anything goes! And don’t forget to add all the accessories. Have fun, and let your personality shine through!

Whatever style you choose this spring, give your hair the TLC it needs with your favorite Viori products. And don’t forget to show off your new style in your review. Happy Spring!
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