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A Peek at the Label: Decoding Ingredients

Real is Good. Why Our Ingredients Matter.

For centuries, the Red Yao women of Longsheng have passed on the recipe for a secret natural shampoo from mother to daughter. When we first met the women of the Red Yao tribe, we saw right away that their kindness and culture were even more beautiful than their gorgeous hair. 

The motivating drive for Viori is a commitment to preserve the beauty and culture of the Red Yao tribe, which faces severe economic pressures.

Today, we offer premium hair care products made with the same natural ingredients the Red Yao has used for centuries to produce their incredibly long, healthy, (ageless!) hair.

The Red Yao credit their amazing hair to the Longsheng rice water they use to wash it. This all-natural ingredient is the key to our products. And we only purchase our rice directly from Red Yao families, who grow it in the mountains surrounding their village, just as they have done for centuries. 

Viori is committed to offering natural products you can feel good about using. 

Here’s a look at our ingredients… 

What’s In Our Shampoo Bars?

Some of the ingredients in our shampoo bars you’ll probably be familiar with, and others might sound a little scientific. But we promise they're all super natural and good for your hair. Let's start with the easy ingredients:

aloe vera- derived from one of our favorite plants; good for scalp and acts as a natural conditioner
bamboo extract - derived from bamboo; helps strengthen hair 
broccoli seed oil - derived from broccoli seed; helps reduce frizz
cocoa butter - derived from the cocoa bean; acts as a natural conditioner (and smells great!)
hydrolyzed rice protein - derived from rice; acts as a natural conditioner and adds volume
Longsheng Rice Water- our key ingredient made from Red Yao-grown Longsheng rice
rice bran oil - derived from rice; acts as a natural conditioner and helps strengthen
shea butter - derived from the shea nut; acts as a natural conditioner and helps control frizz
vegetable glycerine - plant-derived; helps protect and moisturize hair
vitamin B5 - naturally-derived vitamin; promotes healthy hair growth 
vitamin B8 - naturally-derived vitamin; promotes healthy hair growth  
vitamin E acetate - plant-derived; good for the scalp and supports healthy hair growth
Fragrance - naturally-derived and exceptionally delightful 

And now... about those ingredients that might sound a little unnatural…

We know some of our ingredients are hard to pronounce. Not to worry! Viori is a labor of love, and we would never stuff our bars with harsh chemicals or (gasp!) anything toxic. So, let’s breakdown some of those harder-to-pronounce ingredients real quick -- 

behentrimonium methosulfate - (that’s a mouthful!) derived from the colza plant; acts as a sulfate-free conditioner
sodium cocoyl isethionate - derived from coconut; acts as a natural cleanser 
cetyl alcohol - plant-derived fatty acids 
stearic acid- plant-derived fatty acids
sodium lactate- produced by the natural fermentation of sugars found in corn and beets

At this point, you might be wondering… 

What’s In Our Conditioner Bars?

Great question! We use most of those same ingredients in different quantities to formulate our conditioner bars. We also use different quantities of ingredients to create shampoo and conditioner formulas for specific hair types. And each formula has a distinct (all-natural!) smell.

Here’s a look -- 
Citrus Yao
Perfect For: Normal/Oily Hair
Smells Like: Fresh Citrus
Hidden Waterfall 
Best For: Normal/Dry Hair
Smells Like: Secrets and Sweet Vanilla
Terrace Garden 
Best For: Normal/Dry Hair
Smells Like: A Garden of Flowers
So, we hope that gives you a good idea about the source of our ingredients and our commitment to producing a product that puts a little more good into the world. Every purchase has a positive impact on the Red Yao tribe and helps them establish a new way forward. 

In addition to purchasing ingredients directly from the tribe at a premium, we donate 5% of our profit to projects that support them. 

And all of that means every time you buy a bar - you’re helping put more good into the world, too.

We hope our mission becomes your beautiful reason for choosing Viori.

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