Citrus Yao shampoo bars can help you manage oily hair without weighing it down.

Conditioning Oily Hair Without Weighing It Down

Sometimes, you hate your hair. It feels dry and oily at the same time. (What?!) The top of your head looks greasy, while the rest of it is dry and prone to breakage. You feel like no matter what you do; you can’t win. 

We get it. Having oily hair can be challenging. You don’t want to have limp, greasy hair, so sometimes, you may even (gasp!) skip conditioning, hoping that it will cut down on oil. But then, your hair becomes dull, unhealthy, and breaks. Sigh. 

Don’t worry; conditioning oily hair without weighing it down is possible. Here’s how. 

Understand The Oil

The first step to managing your oily hair is to understand your hair itself is not the problem. Excess oil comes from your scalp and travels down your hair. That’s why the top of your head can be so oily, while the ends are, well, crispy. 

It’s also important to understand that oil is completely natural and essential for your hair’s health. We all produce a natural substance called sebum that coats our hair and keeps it from losing moisture. This oil is not your enemy. You just need to bring your hair into better balance.  

Understand Your Hair

It’s also important to understand how your hair functions. While it may seem like a good idea to skip the conditioner, please don’t. It’s logical to assume that if your hair is already oily, adding more through a conditioner would make it worse. But that’s not actually the case. 

When you wash your hair with shampoo, your cuticles open to allow the shampoo to do its work. If you don’t use a conditioner afterward, they remain open, leaving your hair prone to damage and breakage.

Conditioning your hair adds moisture and seals the cuticles back up, so your hair is protected from environmental damage. It also helps strengthen your hair, so it doesn’t break as easily. That’s why you should always condition your hair every time you wash it.

Choose The Right Conditioner

We know you probably feel like you’ve tried every conditioner under the sun, and they all make your hair feel weighed down and greasy. Your frustration is understandable. But there is hope.

We agree that just slathering on any old conditioner probably won’t help. You’ll need to take a critical look at the ingredients. Many conditioners contain silicone, which is added to help hair look glossy. Unfortunately, silicone both prevents moisture from penetrating your hair and builds up on the hair shaft. That can leave your hair weighed down, dull, and greasy. 

Instead, look for products that contain beneficial ingredients like citrus oil and aloe vera, both of which will thoroughly cleanse your hair without stripping it. Citrus oil is excellent for cutting through the excess sebum while still leaving your hair healthy and moisturized. And aloe is great at adding a natural shine. 


If you feel like you’ve tried everything, and your hair is still flat and oily, how about trying Viori? Our Citrus Yao conditioner bars contain citrus essential oils and aloe vera, along with other natural ingredients to thoroughly quench your hair without weighing it down. 

Still skeptical? Citrus Yao is backed by thousands of positive reviews. Why not try it out and then add your own? P.S. We love photos!

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