Damaged Hair Rice Restoration

Dry or Damaged Hair? How Natural Rice Cosmetics Restore Hair Health

Let’s face it. The products we put on our hair aren’t always the best for us. 

Traditional shampoo and conditioner are full of harsh chemicals that strip our hair of its natural oils. Hair dyes use ammonia to open our follicles, peroxide to bleach away our natural color, and then more chemicals to add a new color. 

And then, to top it all off, we dry and style our hair with heat and add more products to hold it in place. That all adds up to a whole lot of damage and dryness. 

Don’t worry. There is hope for your hair. Let’s look at how natural rice cosmetics restore hair health.


A Long History Of Health

The Red Yao tribe has been using rice water to clean and condition their hair for centuries. As a result, they are able to go their whole lives without cutting their hair (except once for ceremonial purposes), yet it remains healthy and strong.

Many Red Yao women have hair that reaches the floor, and they don’t even begin to find gray hairs until they are in their 80s. They credit their legendary hair to their ancient tradition of caring for it with Longsheng rice water. We use the same Longsheng rice water in our shampoo and conditioner bars today.


Nutrition For Your Hair And Scalp

Rice isn’t just good to eat; it’s nourishing for your hair and scalp, too. That’s because it contains amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

Natural rice cosmetics have recently piqued the interest of scientists, too, with some studies finding that rice water reduces friction (goodbye frizz!) and strengthens hair. Plus, it’s even been found to help heal damaged skin, so if your scalp is dry and irritated, natural rice cosmetics may be your new best friend. 


Restoring Your Hair’s Health

According to one dermatologist, natural rice cosmetics help with hydration by adding moisture and coating the outside of your hair with starch. The amino acids and vitamins work together to improve your hair’s texture and keep it shiny and smooth. 

Additionally, the inositol contained in natural rice cosmetics repairs your hair, and it stays on your hair after rinsing. That means it will keep on working to restore your hair’s health long after you’ve left the shower. Pretty amazing, right? 


What To Try

There are lots of recipes for rice water, and some products now contain it. However, you may not know what pesticides and other chemicals were added to the rice or where it came from.

Viori’s shampoo and conditioner bars are the only ones to use the same Longsheng rice the Red Yao women have used for centuries. That’s because we developed our bars under their tutelage, and we source our rice directly from the local families who grow it. 

You can rest assured that our bars are always all-natural, sustainable, and ethically produced. So what should you try?

We recommend Hidden Waterfall or Terrace Garden to repair dry, damaged hair. In addition to Longsheng rice water, these bars also contain natural conditioners and aloe to help restore your hair’s health. And did we mention they smell amazing, too? 

While rice cosmetics restore hair health over time, many of our customers report noticing a dramatic difference in just a few washes. We’d love to hear about your experience!
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