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How Conditioner Improves Hair Health Overall

Many people think of conditioner as optional. It’s a nice added touch if you have time, but totally fine to skip if you don’t, right?


The truth is shampooing strips off some of the natural oils in your hair and opens up the cuticles so your hair can be cleaned. Conditioner is what replaces the moisture and seals the cuticles up again. If you skip it, you’re leaving your hair prone to damage, dryness, and breakage.

Let’s talk a little more about how conditioner improves overall hair health. 

Strong Strands
As we said above, conditioner is important because it seals your cuticles. It also adds a protective coating to help stave off external damage. If you use a lot of heat styling, making sure your cuticles are sealed and protected is a must.

Conditioner also helps fill in parts of the cuticle that are already damaged. If you don’t condition your hair, it will continue to be damaged and ultimately break. 

Smooth And Silky
We all want our hair to look smooth and silky, but did you know that’s evidence of healthy hair, too? When your hair is tangled or frizzy, it’s more likely to break. 

Because conditioner replenishes the moisture your hair has lost after shampooing and smooths the hair by filling in the cuticles, it also makes your hair less likely to tangle and break. 

Don’t Be Negative
Have you ever experienced your hair sticking to hats, car seats, or just flying in all different directions in the winter? That’s because dry, damaged hair is negatively charged and filled with static electricity. 

But guess what? The ingredients in conditioner are positively charged. They stick to your hair and keep all that static electricity at bay. We knew it paid to be positive! 

Enjoy The Good Oils
Your hair naturally produces an oily substance called sebum. That’s what makes your hair look greasy if you wait long enough between washes (or if you just have naturally oily hair). When we shampoo, the sebum is removed.

The problem is sebum also has a job to do in protecting your hair shafts from damage, so replacing those protective oils is essential. And it’s especially critical if your hair is regularly heat styled, colored, or permed. 

Even putting your hair in a ponytail can cause damage! Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your cuticles protected. 

Stop The Split
Did you know that conditioner can even temporarily heal split ends? It can! And did you know your hair actually has scales? (Anyone bringing out their inner dragon?) 

When you don’t condition your hair, those scales are raised up, which creates friction and leads to frizz and breakage. Conditioner flattens the scales, which smooths your hair, makes it easier to brush, and adds shine. 

After using your best shampoo bar (Viori, of course!), don’t be tempted to hop out of the shower and go about your day. Take the time to condition. Your hair will thank you.

Plus, with all our amazing scents, you’ll feel more like you’re having a day at the spa than completing a necessary chore. Terrace Garden, anyone?
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