Viori's Longsheng Rice formula supports long healthy hair.

How Longsheng Rice Keeps Long Hair Stronger

Long hair is beautiful, but it takes a time commitment to grow your locks out. If your hair isn’t strong, you’ll end up with breakage, frizz, and tons of tangles to comb out every day. 

Your long hair represents years of growth, so it would be a shame to let it slip into bad condition. The Red Yao tribe is a shining example of how to get long hair right. 

We’re often told that regular trims are crucial to having healthy hair, so isn’t it amazing that the Red Yao women only cut their tresses once in their entire lives and still have strong, healthy hair that often reaches their ankles? 

If anyone knows how to do long hair right, it’s the Red Yao. Long hair is central to their culture, and they’ve been keeping their locks long and strong for centuries. 

So what’s their secret? Longsheng rice--the same Longsheng rice you’ll find in our shampoo and conditioner bars. Here’s how Longsheng rice keeps long hair stronger. 

Nutrition For Your Hair

We all know that what we eat impacts our health, but vitamins and nutrients are beneficial for your hair, too. Rice isn’t just for dinner. Who knew?

It turns out that Longsheng rice contains antioxidants (which fight aging), vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Remember, your hair is porous. Your cuticles open when you wash your hair, and what your hair absorbs impacts its health. 

Smooth And Silky

Researchers have found that rice water increases the elasticity of hair, which allows it to bend without becoming brittle and breaking. It also decreases surface friction, so individual hairs don’t stick together, creating tangles. 

If you’ve spent years growing your hair out, the last thing you want is to watch it break. And you probably don’t want to spend hours combing out tangles every day either. That’s enough to make anyone reach for a pair of scissors! Fortunately, you don’t need to take such drastic measures. Just try Viori instead. 

Bye-Bye Dandruff

If the thought of seeing tiny flakes of dandruff dusting the shoulders of your favorite black dress makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Dandruff isn’t just embarrassing, though. It’s a sign of an unhealthy scalp. And your scalp health plays a huge role in the health of your hair.  

Longsheng rice water helps balance the pH of your scalp, and the vitamins it contains soothe your skin. Plus, it’s naturally anti-fungal, too. 


Inositol is found in rice water and can be credited for making long hair stronger. It is able to penetrate your hair and repair it from the inside out. And it provides protection against future damage, too.

Studies have found that inositol penetrates the hair over time, so using Longsheng rice water consistently is key. Once inositol has made it inside your hair, it stays there, even after you rinse, continuing to strengthen your hair. 

Whether you’re thinking about letting your hair grow or you already rock long tresses, keeping your hair strong is vital. And you’d be hard pressed to find anything that keeps long hair stronger than Longsheng rice. 

Still skeptical? Check out our reviews. And when you’ve tried Viori, we’d love to see a photo of your results! 

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