How to Know if You’re Washing Your Hair Too Frequently

How to Know if You’re Washing Your Hair Too Frequently

We all want our hair to look clean and healthy. But when it comes to washing your hair, more isn’t always better. In fact, washing your hair too much can damage it and cause it to look dirty, even if it’s not. Here’s how to know if you’re washing your hair too frequently. 

You Have Tons of Split Ends

Split ends come from damaged hair, and washing too frequently can definitely weaken your mane. Shampooing removes the oil from your hair, so you need time to replenish it between washes. Otherwise, your tresses become dry and brittle. 

Wet hair also breaks more easily, and both towel drying and blow drying can damage your strands. So if you’re seeing a ton of split ends, it may be time to start skipping another day or two between washes. 

Your Hair is Greasy

It’s totally understandable to want to wash greasy hair. After all, it just looks dirty. The problem is that every time you wash your hair, you remove its natural oils. And while that may sound good, it actually causes you to produce more oil to compensate. So all that washing you’re doing isn’t getting rid of your oil problem. It’s exacerbating it.

Instead, try going two or three days between washes. We recommend trying Citrus Yao for oily hair. It cuts through excess sebum without stripping your strands. Remember, your hair may take time to adjust its oil production, so use dry shampoo between washes if your hair still looks greasy.

Your Color is Fading

Coloring your hair takes a lot of work, money, and maintenance, so you want it to last as long as possible. But washing too frequently can literally send your investment down the drain. If your color is quickly fading, washing too often could be to blame. 

Start with three or four washes per week, and adjust up or down to find the right balance for you. It’s especially important not to overwash colored hair because the coloring process already weakens your tresses. So finding the right balance not only allows your color to last longer; it’ll keep your hair healthier, too.

Your Hair is Tangled

When you wash your hair too frequently, your cuticles can be left open, allowing your strands to catch on one another and become tangled. Add to that the increased breakage wet hair experiences and the damage done by stripping oils and drying your hair, and you have all the right ingredients for a seriously knotted mane. 

Washing your hair less frequently (and conditioning every time!) will help your cuticles lie flat and your hair retain the moisture it needs so your strands glide smoothly instead of tangling together. And since your hair will be healthier, it’s less likely to break, too.

You’ve Lost Your Shine

Is your hair looking dull? Try washing less frequently. Although we expect that the more we clean something, the more it will shine, your hair is a different story. The sheen you’re looking for comes from a healthy coating of oil. If you strip the oil away by washing too frequently, your hair will inevitably wind up looking dull. 

For a quick boost, try one of these DIY hair masks to amp up your shine. Then, adjust your washing routine. Spreading out your washes by a day or two will keep your hair shining and prevent lackluster locks from returning. 

If you notice any of the above signs, try washing your hair less frequently. It may make all the difference.

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