Preserving Culture Through Threads: An Update on the Red Yao Embroidery Program

Preserving Culture Through Threads: An Update on the Red Yao Embroidery Program


Nearly three years ago, Viori embarked on a meaningful journey with a handful of Red Yao aunties. The mission? To preserve their rich embroidery culture by sharing it with the world and transforming it into a stable source of income. Today, we are proud to work with 17 talented ladies who craft beautiful embroidered items for Viori every month.

The objective of this 'Beautiful Reason Initiative' is twofold: to help preserve the unique culture and traditions of the Red Yao people and to provide the women with a stable income. It's important to note that Viori does not profit from this project; all proceeds go directly to the artisans together with covering the operating costs.

We are thrilled to announce that all the ornaments we recently put up for sale on our website have been sold out! When we shared this exciting news with the Red Yao ladies, their faces lit up with pride. This achievement serves as a great motivator and has encouraged them to continue pouring their heart and soul into this project.


But that's not all! We are excited to share that a new round of ornaments is in the making. This upcoming collection promises to be even more exquisite and elegant than the first round, showcasing the skill and creativity of these talented artisans.

Here's what some of the aunties had to say about the program:

"We are so proud to see these small pieces of our culture being spread around the world. We hope that it will encourage more people to visit us and share their world with us as well."

"Due to the embroidery program, I've been able to stay in the village and support my family. I'm grateful for the financial stability it has given me."

"As long as our customers appreciate our embroideries, we are delighted. We eagerly welcome feedback on how we can further enhance our craft!"


Stay tuned to see the new embroidery items coming up, and thank you for your continued support!

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