Aloe is good for your scalp and hair. Here's why.

Soothe Your Scalp And Hair With Aloe Vera

You’re probably already familiar with aloe vera’s soothing properties. Chances are, if you’ve ever had a sunburn, you’ve reached for something with aloe to treat it. And if you grew up around anyone who had an aloe vera plant, you may have childhood memories of having freshly cut aloe swiped across your scrapes and burns. 

Aloe vera is a bit of a wonder plant, and humans have a long history of putting it to good use. In fact, it’s described in writing as early as 6,000 years ago! Even Cleopatra and Nefertiti used it in their beauty routines. And Alexander the Great made sure to have a stock of aloe available to treat his soldiers. 

If you know us, you know we’re crazy about natural, effective ingredients, and this is one natural ingredient that has stood the test of time. When you think of aloe, your first thought might not be to use it on your scalp, but you should probably consider it. Here’s why. 

Eliminate Itching

Research has shown aloe to be effective in treating seborrheic dermatitis. And what is that? The scientific name for the condition that causes dandruff and the red, sore, scaly patches that come with it. 

If your scalp is itchy, crusty, and flaking, adding aloe vera to your hair care routine may greatly help. In the aforementioned study, nearly two-thirds of patients reported an improvement in their seborrheic dermatitis after being treated with aloe vera emulsion. 

And chances are, if you’ve been dealing with dandruff, you’ll also have a boost in confidence when you no longer have to worry whether embarrassing flakes are showing on your clothing. 

Get Squeaky Clean

Aloe also does a great job of cleaning your hair without damaging it. It removes both excess oil and residue from the products you use. That means you’re less likely to have substances hanging around and irritating your scalp. And don’t worry, aloe won’t strip your hair. 

Additionally, aloe is chock-full of vitamins that nourish both your hair and your scalp. The vitamin B12 and folic acid contained in aloe are known to help prevent hair loss, too. We’d call that a win. 

Stave Off The Sun

We don’t always think about protecting our scalp from the sun--after all, it’s covered in hair, right? And yet, our scalps sustain a lot of sun damage. If you think about it, unless you’re wearing a hat, the top of your head is generally the first place the sun hits. 

Thankfully, aloe is both a useful treatment for sunburns and a prophylactic that helps prevent skin damage when used before, during, and after exposure to the sun. Plus, it helps your body generate collagen to repair any damage your scalp already has. Pretty awesome, right?

If you’re ready to experience aloe vera’s scalp-soothing properties for yourself and have a plant available, you can totally snap off a piece and rub the gel on any areas that are really irritated. But we also recommend choosing products that incorporate aloe to help protect and soothe your scalp. That’s why you’ll find it in all of our bars. Which one will you try today?
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