Use natural ingredients for shiny hair.

The Natural Way To Get Shinier Hair

When you think of gorgeous hair, what comes to mind? Whether you dream of long hair that cascades down your back, a super-cute pixie cut, or perfect bouncy curls, we’re guessing there’s one element that everyone has on their list--shiny

After all, no one says, “You know what I really want? Dull, dry hair.” And that’s probably for good reason. Shiny hair doesn’t just look amazing; it’s also a sign of health. Here’s how you can get naturally shiny hair.


Oil is your body’s natural way of protecting your scalp, and it’s also what puts sheen in your hair. Unfortunately, your scalp’s natural oils can also sometimes be excessive, causing your hair to look greasy.

When you wash your hair, you remove some of that natural oil. Right now, those of you who struggle with excess sebum are probably thinking, Good! But not so fast. 

Oil is actually really important for your hair. If you don’t replace your natural oils, you leave your hair prone to dryness and breakage. And it will look dull, too. Sigh.

So what can you do? Look for products that contain natural oils to help replenish your hair’s moisture and gloss. Our shampoo and conditioner bars always contain natural oils, like rice bran, jojoba, and broccoli seed.

Aloe Vera

Have you ever put aloe vera on a cut or sunburn? It’s soothing and helps your skin heal quickly, right? Guess what? It’s just as good for your hair. 

Aloe vera smooths your hair cuticles and helps your hair retain moisture. Plus, it contains nourishing vitamins that help your hair shine from the inside out.


And speaking of shining from the inside out, what you eat makes a big difference in the health of your hair. If you have furry friends, you probably know that food really impacts how shiny their coats are. The same is true for your hair. 

You’ve probably already heard that foods like salmon and eggs are good for your hair, and they do contain fatty oils that increase shine. But since all our products are vegan, we thought we’d suggest some foods that don’t come from animals. Because we’re awesome like that.

So what other foods are great for your hair? Try walnuts, chia seeds, lentils, avocados, berries, pumpkin, seaweed, and leafy greens. 

Rice Water

Obviously, we can’t end a post about how to get naturally shiny hair without talking about Longsheng rice. It’s the power ingredient in all our products, and it’s what the Red Yao women credit for their incredible locks, which stay healthy and shiny despite only ever being cut once in their lifetimes. 

We know there’s always someone claiming to have a super ingredient that does it all, but there’s real science behind using rice water--not to mention a tribe of women with hair so long they’ve won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records! 

So what makes rice water so incredible? It’s packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, it strengthens your hair and helps protect it from environmental damage, allowing your hair’s natural beauty to shine through.

Ready for your hair to have next-level shine? Give our shampoo and conditioner bars a try. Don’t forget to let us know what you think! We love hearing from our customers. 

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