Get healthy hair in 2021.

Transform Your Hair In 2021

Ah, 2020, the year many of us would like to forget. There was a lot to deal with--lockdowns, shortages, virtual schooling, unemployment, illness, and loss. The COVID-19 pandemic left no one untouched. 

In comparison, our hair troubles seem pretty small. Missing some trips to the salon was a small price to pay to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe. And it’s completely understandable if, among all the stress and trials of 2020, your hair care was an afterthought.

But as we heal and move forward in 2021, indulging in some self-care is warranted. We’ve all been through a lot. Whether you skipped out on your normal hair care, have been avoiding the salon because you or loved ones are at risk, or gave yourself one of those dreaded home haircuts, it’s possible to transform your hair in 2021.

Premium Care Without The Premium Cost

Many of us had to tighten our belts in 2020. Prices increased, jobs were lost, and unexpected medical bills arrived. It wasn’t a good combination. If you were relying on expensive shampoos and conditioners, they might have been the first to go.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to go back to spending a ton of money to restore your locks. Give our shampoo and conditioner bars a try. We’re proud of our thousands of positive reviews, and we’d love for you to add yours.

Our bars were created under the tutelage of the Red Yao, who know a thing or two about having exceptionally healthy hair even in difficult economic circumstances. They credit a simple Longsheng rice shampoo for hair so long they’ve earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

That same Longsheng rice forms the basis of our bars, and we think you’ll find them to be quite economical, too. Each bar should last between 30 to 60 washes, depending on the length of your hair, and is equivalent to two 10-ounce bottles of shampoo.

No Cut, No Problem

There’s no need to beat yourself up if you haven’t been able to go to the salon. One of the most amazing things about the Red Yao is that their hair is incredibly strong and healthy despite only being cut once in their lifetimes.

That sounds pretty unbelievable in a culture where we’ve been taught we need to trim our hair regularly to keep it in good health. But think about it--what are we really trying to do? Get rid of split ends and trim off damage. What if that damage never occurs?

The Red Yao have long known how to care for their hair without needing to cut it--it’s pretty important in a culture that believes long hair is connected to longevity and prosperity. So instead of feeling guilty that you haven’t been to a salon in ages, try following in the Red Yao’s footsteps for a while. You can always cut it later. 

Nourish Your Hair

Whether you decide to go au natural or try a funky new ‘do, your hair’s health is essential. Think about how you’re nourishing it. Sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals? Ew. No thanks. 

Hair is part of your body, and what you put on it matters. That’s why we at Viori only use natural, effective ingredients like Longsheng rice, cocoa, and shea butter, aloe vera, and bamboo. 

We encourage you to take a little time for self-care and nourish your mind, body, and soul. We’d love to be a part of your journey to transforming your hair in 2021, and we hope you find your beautiful reason for choosing Viori. 

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