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Understanding The Unique Needs Of Dry Hair

You dream of having glossy, bouncy tresses that gleam in the sunlight, but what you have is more along the lines of dull and, well, crispy. It seems like you’ve tried every product on the market, and nothing has worked.

Dry hair is prone to frizziness, dullness, and breakage, which you know all too well if you have locks that never seem to retain moisture. Before you slather on yet another cream or conditioner that claims to be the answer to all your problems, let’s take a few minutes to talk about the unique needs of dry hair.

Low Sebum

If you find that your scalp is dry and itchy, it’s worth checking the ingredients on the products you use for any like sulfates that could be drying, but it’s also possible that you simply aren’t producing enough sebum.

If that’s the case, consider adding healthy fats to your diet, like avocado and olive oil. If your diet doesn’t include enough healthy fat, your body won’t have what it needs to produce enough sebum to protect your hair. 

It’s important to note that some medical conditions like vitamin D deficiency, hypothyroidism, and anorexia nervosa can also result in dry hair and low sebum production. Your doctor will be able to recommend specific treatments that may help.

Environmental Factors

You’d be surprised at how much the environment can impact your hair, particularly if you tend toward dryness. Every season has something nefarious to offer. 

Dry heat in the winter leaves both your skin and hair parched. But your concerns don’t go away when the weather warms up. UV rays from the sun are as damaging to your hair as they are to your skin. Chlorine in swimming pools and salt in the ocean pull moisture from your locks. And that brisk fall day? Well, the wind isn’t your friend either. 

So what can you do? Consider wearing a hat when you’re outdoors in the sun and a cap when you go swimming. Covering your hair when it’s windy is helpful, too. And during the winter, add a humidifier for extra moisture.

Products And Styling

You might be surprised to learn that drying ingredients appear in most shampoos and conditioners, including ones marketed for dry hair. If your problem lies in products that strip your hair of its natural oils, continuing to use them won’t help. 

Keep an eye out for ingredients like sulfates and alcohol. No matter what the bottle says, they’re likely to make your problem worse. 

Heat is also very drying. Consider opting for a ponytail or just letting your hair rest in its natural beauty now and then. And on the days you do use heat styling, make sure you use a protectant. 

A Better Way

While it’s imperative that you eliminate causes of dry hair, what you add in is just as valuable. Look for moisturizing ingredients like cocoa and shea butters, rice bran oil, bamboo, and aloe vera. 

We’re also pretty partial to Longsheng rice for repairing damaged hair. After all, it certainly hasn’t failed the Red Yao

Do you agree that it’s time for a better way? We recommend Hidden Waterfall for a truly quenching experience. 

Our nourishing shampoo and conditioner bars will put you well on your way to healthier hair, and you can feel good knowing that you’re helping others while helping yourself.
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