Viori packaging is a sustainable choice.

Viori Packaging— An Eco-Friendly Choice

Most shampoo and conditioner comes in plastic bottles, and that’s a big problem. Why? Because of the 380 million tons of plastic produced every year, only 9% is recycled. Half of all plastic is only used once and then thrown away.

Plastic has become so pervasive in our environment that it’s now impossible to avoid consuming it. On average, we eat 40 pounds of plastic during our lives. Ew. And we’ve all seen the photos of marine animals swimming in plastic soup. In fact, we’re on track to have more plastic than fish in our oceans within 30 years. 

It’s pretty hard not to become disillusioned by statistics like that, but it’s important not to give up and throw in the proverbial towel. We can all do something to reduce the amount of plastic we use and therefore reduce the demand to produce it. Shampoo and conditioner are a simple place to start.

Just think about how many bottles you can keep out of the environment every year by switching to bars. It’s a big number, isn’t it? That’s why we are committed to having eco-friendly packaging. Here’s why Viori’s packaging is a better choice.

Recycled and Recyclable

Everything we use in our packaging is recyclable, sustainable, and biodegradable. Our bars come gorgeously wrapped in recycled paper. That paper, in turn, is recyclable. You’ll receive bars with a gift-worthy presentation, and you can have a clear conscience, knowing you didn’t contribute to plastic waste. 

We don’t use plastic to ship our bars, either. And we minimize packaging as much as possible. You can rest assured that everything used to ship your bars can be recycled or composted and has often already been recycled at least once! 

No Glass

Sometimes, people wonder why simply switching to glass bottles isn’t a better alternative. While glass is recyclable, it is not biodegradable. That makes it similar to plastic, so it’s a no-go for us.

Plus, glass is more expensive than the recycled paper we use, which would make our products more expensive. And because glass can break in transit, we’d have to use a lot more packaging to prevent that. 

Additionally, when you use a liquid shampoo or conditioner, the majority of the bottle is filled with water. That increases shipping costs, and the size and weight of the bottles also expands your carbon footprint. That’s the wrong direction for us.

Eco-Friendly Holders

Don’t think you need to reach for a plastic soap dish to store your bars. We’ve come up with the perfect solution for that, too. Our all-natural bamboo bar holders are perfectly designed to hold and protect one shampoo or conditioner bar, and they’re stackable, so they won’t take up much space in your shower.

Our super-cute bar holders are also 100% biodegradable and recyclable at the end of their useful life. Plus, since bamboo is a renewable resource, you can trust in their sustainability, too.

If you order bamboo bar holders and shampoo or conditioner bars at the same time, your bars will be placed in the holders for shipping. Remember, only one bar per holder to ensure proper drainage.

Just as every bit of plastic we use adds up, every bit of plastic, we don’t use adds up, too. Switching to Viori shampoo and conditioner bars is a simple way you can reduce the amount of plastic you use. We’d love for you to become one of our thousands of happy customers.
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