Learn what to expect when you switch to natural hair care products.

What Happens When You Switch to Natural Hair Care Products?

So you’re considering switching to natural hair care products. Awesome! You’re going to love it. But it’s totally, ahem, natural to have concerns, especially if you’ve tried switching products before and had some less-than-stellar results. Thankfully, switching to natural hair care products isn’t at all scary. Here’s what you can expect.

You Might Notice Less Lather

Although many of our customers are pleasantly surprised at how well Viori lathers, the lather may be different than what you’re used to. That’s because mainstream hair care products use sulfates to create lather. 
While sulfates undoubtedly do lather and clean effectively, they also strip your hair of oils and may irritate your skin. When you switch to natural products, you may not notice the same amount of lather, but don’t worry, your hair is still being cleaned. It’s just not quite as showy. 

You May Go Through An Adjustment Period

Any time you switch products, your hair has to adapt. The same is true when you make the switch to natural hair care products. After years of using mainstream products, your hair may go through an adjustment period. While we have tons of happy customers who report having instantly positive results when switching to Viori, it is possible that you could go through some growing pains when switching to natural products. If that happens, we encourage you to stick it out for a couple of months to see your true results. (And bonus, your Viori bars will likely last that long anyway!)

You see, mainstream hair care products are full of ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and silicone, that do a real number on your hair. Sulfates strip your hair of natural oil, both sulfates and parabens cause irritation for many people, and silicone builds up on your hair, preventing moisture from entering. In response, you produce more oil to help protect your hair and replace what’s being stripped away. Unfortunately, those sorts of responses don’t always stop immediately when you switch to natural products. As a result, you may feel like your hair is more oily, or you may experience the exact opposite and feel it’s too dry. Give it time. Odds are you’ll reach a balance and begin to love your natural products. 

Your Hair Will Be Happier and Healthier

One of the best things about switching to natural hair care products is you’re no longer putting harsh ingredients on your hair. That means you don’t have product buildup preventing your hair from absorbing the moisture and nutrition it needs. And if you’re sensitive to chemicals like sulfates, you may find that you no longer experience irritation and dandruff. And because your hair is better able to retain moisture, you’ll likely notice less frizz and breakage, too. Win!

Remember, though, that just because a product is labeled natural, that’s, unfortunately, no guarantee it’s amazing. After all, arsenic is natural, but we don’t recommend putting it on your hair! Get into the habit of reading labels. Look for nourishing natural ingredients like rice water, cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe, and bamboo, that are healthy and soothing for your hair. And if you try one bad product, don’t let that turn you against natural hair care products as a whole. 

Have you recently made the switch to natural hair care products and need help getting through the transition phase? You’re in luck! We have tons of helpful tips, like these recipes for DIY hair masks, in our blog. So have a look around, and don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help choosing the right Viori bars for your hair.

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