Rice Bran Oil

What Rice Bran Oil & Hydrolyzed Rice Protein Do for Your Hair

When we visited the Longsheng mountains and first met the women of the Red Yao tribe, we were struck by their beauty and their kindness. They generously tutored us in the rituals and ingredients they have used for centuries to grow and maintain their luxuriously long, healthy, and ageless hair. 

The most important lesson we learned from them was that highly effective cosmetics can be made safely, naturally, and without destroying the planet we live on. We have taken that lesson to heart. It’s why we only use natural ingredients, and everything we put into our shampoo and conditioner bars has a purpose.  

Today, let’s look at two of our ingredients: rice bran oil and hydrolyzed rice protein. If you’ve read our reviews, you’ve probably seen happy customers raving about the increased volume and shine they’ve experienced after using Viori. These two ingredients are a big reason why. 


Rice Bran Oil
Rice bran oil is some pretty awesome stuff. It contains fatty acids that help you retain your natural hair color, and inositol, which keeps dandruff at bay and cuts down on split ends. Antioxidants in rice bran oil work against UV damage. And it’s even hypoallergenic! 
Recently, scientists have studied just how effective it is. Take this research, for instance, which studied rice bran oil for alopecia. It found that both hair density and thickness (diameter) of the hair increased after using rice bran oil. Thick, luxurious locks, anyone? 
Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
Hydrolyzed rice protein can sound a bit scientific, but don’t worry, it’s a natural product. Proteins in their whole form are too big for the body to use. When we eat proteins, our bodies break them down during digestion.
Since your hair doesn’t have the ability to do that, we have to use hydrolysis, which is simply a way to break those large protein molecules down to their usable components via a reaction with water. See? Nothing scary there. 
So how does it help your hair? Well, in addition to adding strength and volume, hydrolyzed rice protein helps prevent that static charge that builds up when you brush your hair. Don’t want to look like Einstein this winter (even though you’re totally just as smart)? Hydrolyzed rice protein is your new best friend. 
Hydrolyzed rice protein also contains amino acids which help repair your hair, strengthen it, and encourage new growth. It also helps protect your hair from damage. Pretty cool, right? 


Both hydrolyzed rice protein and rice bran oil are products derived from the outer layer of the rice. Removing that outer layer is how brown rice is made into white rice, so it’s a natural byproduct of the rice industry.

However, commercial rice is often grown with pesticides, so it’s important to know where your hydrolyzed rice protein and rice bran oil come from. You can rest assured that we only use all natural ingredients and stay away from pesticides. (Gross!)

With all the amazing benefits hydrolyzed rice protein and rice bran oil provide to hair, we’re pretty glad that someone figured out chaff was useful instead of just throwing it away! And once you’ve tried our shampoo and conditioner bars, we’re sure you will be, too.

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