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2021: $100,000 USD towards our Social Mission!!

We have come so far in such a short period of time. We could not have dreamed of being able to announce something so big, so soon.

This year Viori is able to spend $100,000 USD towards its social mission!!

A big part of our success, if not all, is measured by how well we are able to serve the people that inspired starting our company: the Red Yao community. We are a business, but a business with a mission:

"To create highly effective, all natural cosmetics while preserving the values and traditions of the Red Yao Women for future generations"

This is why we are incredibly proud to be able to deploy such a substantial amount and put this into projects that help the Red Yao community thrive. Our customers have put deep trust and support into us, and we are dedicated to be fully transparent as to how our social mission is carried out. 


The funds going to our Social Mission consist of 2 main categories: 

1. Beautiful Reason Initiatives: These are funds which are put directly into local projects that are aligned with the values and goals of the Red Yao and Viori itself. Read more about Beautiful Reason Projects values here.

2. Social Responsibility Team: In order to safely, responsibly and sustainably  carry out our local BRI projects, we have hired a local team that engages in tasks such as: admin, project management, relationship management, community mentors, and more. Important to note is that the scope of their jobs are fully dedicated to Viori's social mission.

2021 Budget Overview: 

1. Beautiful Reason Initiatives: 

  • All-natural Rice Initiative: $21,807.69 USD

  • Embroidery Initiative: $8,367.69 USD
  • Local Tea business Initiative: $20,671.88 USD

  • Total: $50,847.26 USD

2. Social Responsibility Team: $50,000 USD
(Admin, Project Management, Community Manager, BRI Mentors, and more)

Total 2021 Social Mission budget: $100,874.26 USD

To stay up to date on specific BRI's be sure to check out each BRI project's individual blog post where you can find a detailed breakdown of costs, project updates, pictures, discussions and more. 

On behalf of Viori and the local communities in Longsheng: THANK YOU!! 


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