Learn how sustainable products make a difference.

4 Ways Sustainable Products Make a Difference

You’ve seen the labels, but you often wonder, what does “sustainable” really mean when it comes to purchasing products? And does purchasing sustainable products really help? 

Simply put, sustainable products are made with the intention of being socially responsible, minimizing harm to the environment, and using renewable resources. Here are four ways sustainable products make a difference.

Reduce Waste

Sustainable products reduce waste because they typically focus on ingredients, components, and packaging that do not generate much waste in the first place. And the waste that is generated is often compostable, recyclable, or reusable. 

For example, natural products like rice, bamboo and hemp are easily regrown, and the waste is compostable. When it comes to packaging, you may make an initial purchase and then be able to refill the same container many times, or your product may come in recyclable paper. Plastic is typically avoided since it is made with nonrenewable resources. 

At Viori, we strive to use ingredients that are all natural and ethically sourced. Additionally, all our packaging is biodegradable, sustainable, and recyclable. And each Viori bar is equivalent to about three 10 oz bottles of shampoo or conditioner. That’s a lot of bottles kept out of the landfill!

Preserve Natural Resources

Because sustainable products use only resources that can be easily renewed, choosing sustainable products means you’re helping to preserve our planet’s natural resources. You won’t be contributing to rainforest deforestation, fossil fuel consumption, etc. 

We source all our ingredients sustainably, including our rice, bamboo, and palm oil. That’s especially important because although palm oil is a useful and versatile ingredient, unsustainable palm oil production has been linked to rainforest deforestation, loss of habitat for critically endangered species, and the abuse of local communities and workers. 

Learn more about our sustainable palm oil certification here.

Better for You and the Environment

Sustainable products typically avoid using pesticides and other chemicals that could have a negative impact on the environment. That means you aren’t being exposed to potentially toxic compounds yourself, and you aren’t contributing to problems like the decline of pollinator populations. Plus, you’ll lower your carbon footprint and contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, too!

At Viori, we use all natural ingredients, including our fragrances, which are always IFRA compliant. And we strive to protect the ecosystem and natural resources where our ingredients are sourced.

Positive Social Impact

Sustainability doesn’t only focus on the environmental impact of production. It includes the social impact, too. Companies that make sustainable products typically source their ingredients carefully to ensure they are free from things like child labor and violations of workers rights. They also aim to ensure both their company and those with which they partner pay a fair wage and do not negatively impact the local community.

We take this part of sustainability very seriously. We have benefitted from the knowledge the Red Yao have shared with us, and we feel it is important to give back and help the Red Yao preserve their land, communities, and culture, too. 

That’s why we pay a premium for ingredients purchased from the Red Yao, including Longsheng rice. We also contribute at least 5% of our profits to initiatives that help the Red Yao. And because we pay a premium for sustainable ingredients, we encourage local farmers to adopt sustainable practices, too. 

Learn more about Viori’s Mission and our commitment to making a difference here.
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