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Social Responsibility

Our mission is to help the Yao Community thrive.

We do this through initiating projects that aim to bring about economic prosperity, ecological harmony, cultural preservation, and social wellbeing.

We start with what lies at the heart of the Yao culture: Longsheng Rice

Check out the news feed below to stay up-to-date on local stories from the Yao tribes and the work done by our CSR leadership team on the ground!

Can I visit the Longsheng area and meet the Yao women?

Absolutely. In fact, the local community has repeatedly expressed their willingness to welcome more visitors into their community and teach them about the Red Yao culture. In the near future Viori will be answering that call, by facilitating exclusive travel experiences to the Red Yao communities. Our role will be to ensure that local interactions don't disrupt the local culture, while at the same time providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for travelers.

What’s your relationship with the Red Yao people like?

The relationship we have with the Red Yao tribe resembles that of close family and friends. Our team members on the ground visits these villages on a monthly basis. Not just for work related matters, but also as friends enjoying each other’s company. They welcome us into their house. We bring them gifts. We welcome them into our houses in the nearby city of Guilin. They help us when we encounter problems in the village. We help them when they’re in need. We contribute to community expenses. They invite us to weddings (and funerals). The list can go on and on... 
We are saying this to help people understand that we aren’t engaged in a one-time transactional relationship with the Yao people, but are committed to building a long-term relationship with them. We enjoy doing this, and so do they. 
We commit through the small but meaningful gestures written above, but of course also through our Beautiful Reason Initiative (we find responsible ways to put 5% of our profits back into the community)

Do you compensate villagers for marketing content that involves them in it?

Any marketing content we’ve posted has been done through the consent of the person in question and with appropriate compensation given. Moreover, during our monthly visits to the village we also share relevant posts with them and sometimes even go over the comments. This often creates fun conversations and lots of laughter as they are thrilled to have outsiders know more about them. Important to understand is that we aren’t engaged in a one-time transactional relationship with the villagers (ie model & agency type of relationship), but more of one which resembles one big family. This distinction matters as it means we are expected to treat each other as family which is a much deeper commitment than simply paying someone for a photo you took..(see previous question)

Why do you use Chinese steamers as soap holders and is your soap pressed like a Chinese mooncake?

Our team is a mix of Chinese and Western individuals who all played a role in designing our product. We decided the current design was innovative, practical, environmentally friendly, aesthetically appealing, and not offending in any way. We promise you'll like it!

How much does Viori give back to the community?

Viori reserves 5% of its profit for the Red Yao community. This sounds little but goes a long way in rural China. Moreover, responsibly allocating funds back into the community is a delicate and serious undertaking which requires us to measure our impact from different angles (environmental, economic, cultural, social). We are a young company and want to take this step-by-step. Once we feel confident our local projects are creating a positive impact, improving harmony, and are empowering the local community, we will gradually increase this percentage.

Is this a harmful form of cultural appropriation?

We kindly ask people to be their own judge. Viori personally knows the local community, cares about their well-being and is actively working together with them to improve their future wherever this is asked from us. We are happy to answer any questions people might have about this matter. To stay up-to-date on our local initiatives please follow our Social Responsibility page.

Viori believes in the power of community. Our personal relationships with the Yao tribe have lead to beautiful things, and its this relationship that we want to share with you. We’re excited to offer several ways in which you, our loyal Viori tribe members, are able to connect with the Yao people. Below are different ways for connecting with the Yao tribe.

Questions & Answers Session: What would you like to learn from the Yao people? What do you wish to share with them? Submit your voice and we will share theirs!

Live Streaming Events: Several times a year, Voiri hosts free Live streaming events in the communities in which we work. Stay tuned by following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter so you can join us in this unique online immersive experience!

Group Travels: There’s no better way to connect with these communities than by visiting them in person. Viori will soon be posting travel packages that will make your Viori experience complete. Keep an eye out for our newsletter where we will be sharing more information on how to sign up for these exclusive trips!

Note: Our CSR leadership team will be on the ground navigating such interactions and ensuring all sides are respected, heard, and have a fun time together! In case any questions or other interactions aren’t in line with our social mission Viori will respectfully choose not to act as liaison.


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