Here are 6 hair care products you should carry with you.

6 Hair Care Products You Should Carry With You

Bad hair days are the worst. But you can keep them at bay by having the right products on hand. Here are six hair care products you should carry with you. 


Although you style your hair every morning before leaving the house, it doesn’t always stay perfect once you’re out and about. Wind, humidity, sweat, and other environmental factors can do a number on your ‘do. So carrying a comb is essential to pick through those newly-formed tangles. Try our beautiful bamboo comb to avoid static as you spruce up your tresses.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are perfect for taking care of flyaways or that annoying tendril of hair that just will not stay in place. In fact, they’re an easy fix for tons of style problems while you’re on the go. So you should always have a few in your purse. That way, the next time you check the mirror and see that your style looks less than stellar, you can pop it back into place with a few bobby pins.

Hair Bands

Another essential hair care product to carry with you is hair bands. Unexpected mess? Trip to the gym? Blustery wind? Carpooling in your friend’s convertible? Boom, hair bands. Keeping a couple of hair bands with you is always a good idea. Just take one out, pull your hair into a ponytail, and you’re good to go. They’re even handy for fixing a wardrobe malfunction.

Your Favorite Spray, Cream, or Mousse

As much as you might love to, you can’t carry your whole stash of hair care products with you–at least not easily! So pick your favorite spray, cream, or mousse, and carry a small container of it. And make sure you choose one that addresses your particular hair woes. For example, if flyaways are a problem, you may want to carry hairspray. Or, if your hair tends to go flat, keep a small bottle of texturizing spray in your bag. 

Dry Shampoo

If your hair gets oily, you have a physical job, or you have a habit of hitting the gym on your lunch break, dry shampoo is a must-have hair care product to carry with you. It’s perfect for freshening up during the day and soaking up excess oil. Dry shampoo is also wonderful for adding texture to your hair. And don’t worry; you won’t have to rely on chunky powder that makes your hair look gray. Try our Sunrise Mist dry shampoo instead. It’s lightweight, blends in perfectly, and smells amazing, too!

Viori Bars

Bottled shampoo and conditioner are a pain to carry, and you always have to worry about leaks, but that’s not true for Viori bars. In fact, our shampoo and conditioner bars are awesome for carrying with you. So it’s easy to wash the sweat out of your hair after a workout or remove chlorine after swimming. And they’re excellent for traveling, too, especially since you won’t have to worry about size limits if you’re flying. But if you prefer to carry a smaller-sized bar, Viori Minis are a perfect solution. 

Bad hair days are the worst, but if you carry these six hair care products with you, you’ll be ready to conquer almost any hair problem you face.


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