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Bamboo Comb

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Hunan, China is home to a guild of bamboo artisans who have been nurturing their local bamboo and perfecting their craft for centuries. We partnered with them to create this beautiful, earth-friendly comb. Dimensions: 2 in (5.08 cm) x 4 in (10.16 cm). 
  • Natural, Sustainable Bamboo 
  • A strong, fast-growing resource that needs little water to thrive.

  • Good for the Scalp + Hair
  • Bamboo gently massages the scalp and detangles hair, promoting circulation and distributing natural oils to increase shine.

  • No Static + Less Breakage
  • Unlike metal and plastic combs, bamboo prevents static that damages the hair and clings to dirt.

  • A Little Work of Art
  • Each comb supports an artist’s beautiful livelihood—and helps preserve their ancient trade for another generation.

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