Here are 6 ways to repair damage and breakage.

6 Ways to Repair Hair Damage and Breakage

Are your locks easily broken, full of split ends, frizzy, or fried? Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to damage your hair. The products we apply, the tools we use, and even the sun and wind have the ability to damage our hair. Thankfully, your tresses can be fixed. Here are six ways to repair hair damage and breakage.

Get a Trim

The easiest and only failsafe way to rid yourself of broken and damaged hair is to get a trim and then change your habits to prevent further damage. So if your hair has loads of split ends or is easily breaking and tangling, it might be time to trim off the damaged ends.

Remember, though, that damage will continue if you don’t address the root cause. Additionally, if the damage is close to your scalp, it could require cutting off more hair than you’re comfortable with. In that case, you may want to schedule regular trims and try some other remedies instead of chopping off all your hair at once.

Try a Mask

If your hair is suffering from a lack of moisture, a hair mask may help. Hair masks can also smooth down your cuticle and help seal your split ends. 

Fortunately, hair masks are pretty simple to make at home. We have some great suggestions for DIY masks to treat damaged and broken hair here. And you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen!

Change Your Brush

Did you know you can damage your hair just by brushing it? Certain brushes easily break the hair. And if you have problems with frizz and static, you’ll definitely need to avoid metal bristles.

Instead, use a non-conductive wide-tooth comb, like our handmade bamboo comb. And remember that you should always brush your hair from the bottom up to avoid breaking it.

Take a Break From Chemicals and Heat

Chemicals and heat can be harsh on your hair. If you color, bleach, or perm your hair, consider spacing out your treatments or going au natural instead.

Additionally, try to air dry your hair whenever possible, and give your hair a vacation from heat styling. If you absolutely must heat style or blow dry your hair (hello 20-degree mornings!), be sure to use a heat protectant spray.

Use Natural Oils

Natural oils are wonderful for helping to repair damaged and broken hair. They add the moisture and fatty acids your hair needs, while smoothing your hair cuticle. 

You can apply oils like olive oil or coconut oil directly to your hair as part of a mask. Or choose products like Viori that contain natural oils to help moisturize, condition, and strengthen your hair. 

Turn to Rice Water

Rice water has a unique ability to enter your hairshaft and fix damage. Researchers are catching on to the benefits of rice water and credit a key component called inositol for its strengthening effects on hair. But the Red Yao figured out that rice water was pretty awesome stuff ages ago!

Now, you can get the benefits of rice water just by choosing Viori. Every bar of Viori contains the same Longsheng rice water used by the Red Yao, making it a great choice to help repair hair damage and breakage. 

Haven’t made the switch to Viori yet? Check out the results our customers have had on their own damaged hair. Then, give Viori a try, and let us know how it goes!
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