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Men's Hamish Collection
Introducing Whisky-infused Longsheng Rice Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, formulated for men.
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Strengthen all hair types—and smell amazing—with Viori’s signature Longsheng Rice formula and added antioxidants found in Islay’s incredible single-malt whisky.

Why Whisky

It turns out the spirit is good for more than just your spirit. Because a good single malt is so rich in antioxidants, adding it to our shampoos and conditioners promotes healthy hair and provides glorious hydration and sheen. And though drinking it has long been known for its own benefits, applying it to the scalp is actually proven to make your hair stronger and less prone to damage. The antioxidants dramatically strengthen and repair hair that’s been damaged by free radicals and other environmental factors.

And, no—your man will not smell like he just left the distillery. Each Hamish bar comes in 3 invigorating scents.

icon for Moisturizes


icon for Nourishes Scalp

Nourishes Scalp

icon for Improved Hair Control

Easier to Control

icon for increased vibrance

Increased Vibrance

icon for reduces irritation

Reduces Irritation


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