Learn how sourcing sustainably helps preserve culture.

5 Ways That Sourcing Sustainably Helps Preserve Culture

In today's globalized world, businesses have a huge impact on cultures and communities worldwide. And when companies source their materials sustainably, it's not only good for the environment, it can also help preserve cultural heritage. Here's a look at five ways sustainable sourcing can help preserve culture. 

Promotes Cultural Identity 

Sustainable sourcing allows businesses to celebrate and promote the unique cultural identities of the communities they work with. By incorporating traditional materials, patterns, and designs into their products, companies can support cultural diversity and create a market for authentic cultural expressions.

Supports Local Artisans

Sustainable sourcing helps preserve culture by supporting local artisans and craftspeople. By prioritizing products made by local communities and indigenous groups, businesses can help sustain traditional craftsmanship and artistic practices. This support empowers artisans to continue their work and pass their cultural traditions down to future generations. At Viori, we've been excited to partner with Red Yao women to launch a unique embroidery program that showcases their traditional sewing and helps keep it alive.

Supports Fair Trade and Local Economies

Sustainable sourcing prioritizes fair trade and ethical labor practices, which contribute to cultural preservation. By providing economic opportunities and ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions, businesses that choose sustainable sourcing empower local artisans and even whole communities, allowing them to maintain their cultural traditions and way of life. 

Preserves Natural Resources

Sustainable sourcing goes beyond the products themselves to encompass the protection of cultural landscapes and natural resources. Many cultural traditions are deeply rooted in specific ecosystems and landscapes. By sourcing sustainably, businesses can help conserve these environments and the cultural heritage intertwined with them.

Protects Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous communities possess invaluable knowledge about their environment, biodiversity, and sustainable practices. However, this knowledge is often at risk of being lost to modern-day practices. Sourcing sustainably involves engaging and collaborating with indigenous communities and respectfully learning about their traditional practices to ensure the ethical sourcing of raw materials and products. This not only preserves their cultural heritage but also honors their knowledge and helps safeguard it for future generations.

Businesses can make a significant impact on cultural preservation when they choose to work with local communities and artisans to source their materials and products sustainably. It may require more time and more effort, but the results— and relationships are worth it. You can learn more about how Viori partners with the local Red Yao community to help empower economic prosperity and cultural preservation here.

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